Being A Nanny Has Taught Me Part II

Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved taking care of the younger ones in my family. I was always so  drawn to my  family members or family friends who just had a baby. I just loved the being able to help them and play with the baby. Throughout the years I’ve worked as a nursery teacher, babysitter for several friends and family member and a nanny. My first job as a nanny was a dream. I was a nanny for two preteens and this job was perfect. I absolutely loved being to give a part of myself to selflessly help this family.

When I moved to Florida in 2016, I started job hunting and it was the hardest time for me because I was running out of money and couldn’t find the perfect job. I then stumbled across this job posting on Sittercity and the job happened to fit perfectly into what I looking for. The mom posted this job offer and I poured my heart into my intro and sent it to her. I was even more surprised when she responded back to me and we set up a time to meet. I met her and she was amazing. She sounded like the perfect boss and appeared to be the type of employer and family I wanted to work for. Just to note: I’m not a professional Nanny. However, nannying has become my go to career option while I’m in college because it not only offers me flexibility, but it offers me a lot of stability at the moment. Any who let’s get back to the topic at hand. We talked and met a couple times before I was officially offered the job. I was so excited to finally be working  again and I was eager to immerse myself into this new family and make them a part of my life.

The first couple of weeks at this job was amazing. However, the dark side of my new boss started to rear its head. I was completely shocked that someone who appeared to be so nice completely switched up and became a completely different person. Once her ugly side started to reveal itself, I realized that this woman was not only unstable but she was very insecure. She had no respect for her employees and would often make remarks that I would make anyone feel inferior. She would always make the remark “I am trying to teach you something because obviously you don’t know” whenever we did something our way. For example: boiling potatoes for mashed potatoes or using a specific pot to sear steak in, or when she’s giving instructions to get something at the grocery store.

When I go into someone’s house, be it my family or a friend or an employer I always make sure to respect their way of doing things. However, if I know of a less time consuming and easier way to do something I would suggest it. My former boss never accepted anyone’s suggestions even though it would save time and resulted in the same outcome. She liked things done her way and her way only. It was a bit controlling but in the end it was her house and we had to respect her. My working environment was very toxic. Everyday coming into work I never knew what mood she was in or her current frame of mind. Some days she was the nicest person and other days she was Cruella De Vil. She would snap at us for everything and when she was frustrated clear the way. She would get upset if I texted her about car troubles and I was going to be late. There were instances when my car battery died and I had to get my brakes replaced and because it didn’t fit into her schedule for the day. She got so upset at the idea that I would have made her late for an event (party) she was going to. There was also another instance last June when I wanted to take a Friday off to go to a doctor’s appointment and she sent me the nastiest text. She basically told me that I should wait for her family to go on vacation in late June then I can schedule my doctor’s appointments on my own personal time when I’m not needed at work. There was also an instance where I did a return for her and because she didn’t want the store credit she proceeded to inform me that she would deduct the money from my paycheck and I could keep the store credit. I just ignored her text because the statement was just so out of place. She was and still is so impossible. After a while, I realized that it was impossible to form any type of working relationship with the family that I just made the decision to only talk to them when it was necessary.

Working for that family was a complete nightmare and I never felt so out of place at a job. The family’s two older kids had no manners. I remember days when I would come to work and say hi to them and they never responded. They treated everyone like this. They wouldn’t talk to us and I always felt like they were turning up their noses to the sight of someone they felt weren’t on their level financially. And the little girl I was in charge of had all her mother’s mannerism. I’m so thankful that she never treated me this way and had respect for me but she was still a little work in progress and needed to be taught how to treat her friends. It’s so funny because it’s so true when people say you’re kids pick up all your habits and mannerism. If they see Mom and Dad doing this to people and aren’t being corrected they eventually start thinking that they are right and start to model this behavior and this is what I noticed at this job. The only reason I stayed so long working for them is because they paid well. I do not work for them anymore and I made the decision to not go back after she informed me that her kids were going to camp for the Summer and I wouldn’t be needed until mid-August. After that, I decided to just cut ties and in the end I didn’t even give her notice that I wasn’t coming back because I felt like I didn’t owe Annie that respect. This job taught me a valuable lesson about self worth and self respect. I honestly regret not leaving sooner and letting money be the reason why I stayed there so long. I was so unhappy and depressed. It’s crazy how sometimes we stay in certain situations because we have no other choice. My advice to anyone going that might be going through this please speak up. Remember if you don’t say anything or do anything the situation will never change. Be strong!! 

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash