Food That Fills the Soul

Recently, I was going through my old blog post and stumbled upon one of my old blog post. I can’t remember the last time I did one of these. I remember when I just started my blog I had this ongoing series, where  I would share little motivational tidbits that would fill your soul with so much food. I really enjoyed sharing these little nuggets and I was able to share my inner most thoughts with you guys. Recently, I’ve been reading Soul Scripts on Instagram and the girl that runs the account is spot on with the inspirational quotes she has been sharing. Everyday, I open Instagram and Soul Scripts pops. After I read her daily scripts, I’m always in awe because its like this girl knows my innermost thoughts and feelings. Her scripts always connect to my life. 

Soul Scripts recently shared a quote that completely wrecked me. The quote stated, Just because you’re not at your destination does not mean you’re at a dead end. You’re simply on divine middle ground. I’m at place in my life, where I am very frustrated and I’m struggling with a lot of doubts. I’m about to graduate soon and I have so many fears towards my future. I’m constantly battling with the what ifs in my life. I hate that there are so many uncertainties in my life right now. I hate not knowing what will happen tomorrow or three months from now. I gave myself a deadline in September to figure my life out and I feel like that deadline is adding so much stress and pressure to my life. However, I’m not in a position where I can change that deadline or make it a little bit more fluid because other people are involved. I honestly hate not being where I want to be and even though I recently was offered this new amazing job, the fact that it has nothing to do with my career plans makes me freak out more because I feel like I’m wasting my time and don’t want to let anyone down. I want to be working in Public Relations. It’s my passion. It’s what I love. I currently intern for this PR Consulting firm and I love every aspect of it. I’m doing so well that I was even offered to extend my internship with the consulting firm and she would pay me on a freelance basis whenever big projects came up. It’s not much but the offer was amazing and it boosted my confidence to 100. Moments like this make me realize that even though I’m not where I want to be right now career wise I have to trust the plan that God has for me. I have to remain faithful and believe that this path I’m on will lead to something greater. I have to believe that once I continue to work hard towards my goals, God will make a way for me. Recently, I started writing down mantras and phrases of affirmation to get my through this tough time and I wanted to share them with you.

My Daily Mantras

You Got This

Work Hard & Don’t Get Fired (haha i know the last part you’re probably saying WHAT but guys this is my biggest fear at the moment lol)

God will never give you, what you can’t handle. 

You’re doing the best you can

Stay motivated

Be Happy

What Feeds Your Soul?

What are some things that inspires you on a daily basis? 

Do you have daily mantras or sayings that you carry with you?

What is that one thing that you are passionate about?

Do you read Soul Scripts. If you’re a spiritual persona and in need of a pick me up. Please check out their Instagram @soulscripts