Holiday Gift Guide: For The Fitness Girl

Today’s holiday gift guide is all about the fitness girl. This holiday gift guide was highly requested by my sister so, of course, I had to oblige. My sister started her fitness journey a couple months ago, so when she’s not working, cooking, or hanging out out with her boyfriend Greg, she’s at the gym. Her dedication and discipline to becoming healthy has motivated me to start my own fitness journey next month. I honestly know it’s going to be a challenge because I’m a girl who loves to relax and can’t be bothered with sweating  or feeling icky after a workout but i’m going to put that all aside and commit to this. When it comes to gift giving it’s so important to not only give people gifts that they will love, but it’s so important to give gifts that people will cherish, appreciate and use. I try my best to do this when gift giving because I know how important it is to feel someone’s heart and love in the gift they are receiving from you. This is why for this week’s gift guide I’m focusing on the fitness girl. I have a lot of people in my life and a lot of my readers who love to go to the gym and who also simply love wearing workout clothes because it’s comfortable, so I know they will love this gift guide. Be sure to check out my gift guide below and as an added bonus you can CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO SHOP.
 My Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fitness Girl includes everything that the fitness girl can add to her gym bag for her daily workout at the gym. For the girl who lives in the colder temps she can complete her look with this cute Nike Pro Warm Long Sleeve Top. I absolutely loves these cute High Waist Lattice Midi Leggings but if you live in colder temps these Ivy Park Mid Rise Ankle Leggings. I can’t believe how amazing Beyonce’s line Ivy Park is. It’s so affordable and the quality of her clothes are really great. If you go to the gym regularly you know how important staying hydrated is and a lot of gyms don’t offer free water bottles so bringing your own is necessary this is why I think that gifting a really awesome gym water bottle is another amazing option. I really love the S’Well ‘Sparkling Champagne’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle. It’s not only stylish but keeps your water cold for up to 24hrs and having cold, crisp water after an intense workout is key. Another necessity is a good sports bra. At the gym you need to keep the girls under control because it’s very uncomfortable when they aren’t. My top three picks for sports bras are either the Angel Max Sport Bra, the Ivy Park Net Crop Top and the Zella Body Fusion Sports Bra (perfect for running). I think you can also pair the Nike Dry Versa Training Crop Top with these Nike Air Max Thea Sneaker (one of my favorite sneakers by the way. They are high up on my Christmas Wishlists after a new laptop).

Let’s Talk Holiday Gifting

Are you a fitness girl? 

What is the one thing you would love to have on your Christmas wishlist?

What’s your favorite brand to get your workout clothes from?