Hello & Welcome to The Kiss Of Joy, a little lifestyle blog ran by Felice Raina. The Kiss Of Joy is my own little melting pot on the interweb, where I share inspirational tidbits, personal moments and revelations in my life, and occasionally a little bit of career advice. The Kiss Of Joy is also my little corner on the web, where I share my love for my favorite fashion and beauty finds, favorite music and television shows. When I’m not blogging, you can find me at home sipping a glass of wine or apple ale and binge watching my favorite shows on either Hulu or Netflix. I am also a self-proclaimed shower singer. So beware, if you ever meet me and we become good friends you probably will witness one of my many shower concerts. I love a good time and I’m always the one person to make everyone feel loved and happy. I am a bit of a goof actually once you really get to know me. I’m always the one person telling some silly joke, embarrassing myself and laughing at my crazy and corny jokes. I hate rollercoasters and don’t understand the concept of wearing 3D glasses over real glasses. Guys, it’s really hard and uncomfortable. I’m also a nanny so my life gets pretty interesting and hectic at times. My name Felice Raina is translated “Happy Queen,” and yes when I was younger the kids at school would sing my name Feliz Navidad lol. I live on the East Coast, but Florida is desperately calling my name. I hate the cold and snow. I’m obsessed with cooking anything pasta and I’m in a serious relationship with sushi. To learn more about me connect with me either on my blog or on my social media channels (links are to the right) and be sure to say hi xoxo 💋