December 15th: Work Hard For The Things You Want In Life


We all have that one thing in life that we aspire to be or would love to do.  I say go after all your hearts desire but remember nothing in life comes easy so you better work for it. If it’s something you love to do put your heart and  soul into it. It doesn’t cost anything to believe in yourself, so why not  get up and do something about it. Trust me when it comes down to it, in the end you will be happy and also marvel enjoy the benefits of what ever you worked hard to achieve. Don’t give up, have patience, believe in yourself and just DO.


December 14th: Never Let Anyone Define You

“Live your life for you not through someone else”


As a young person growing up I am constantly learning to not let other people define me. I am learning to pave my own path and live life independent of people’s harsh criticism. I am learning to live my life for me and not for anyone else. Sometimes it can be selfish but in life you have to do what’s best for you. Never let someone dictate your every move and action. Live your life the way God meant it to be lived. Don’t let your relationships, friendships and family define who you are. Go out, live life, begin your own traditions and just be happy with who you are. You can be your own worst enemy! Simply believe in yourself because waiting for the approval of others will only be your downfall! BE YOU, BELIEVE IN YOU, LOVE YOU ♥



December 13th: Find That One Thing That Makes You Happy ♥

♥ Sometimes life gets a bit hectic and we need that one thing that can take us to that place where we can put it all behind. I call those our stress relievers or simply hobbies. Find that one that makes you happy; be it a person, a place or just something, once it makes you happy and takes you away from your worries you are on the right path. For me personally, my thing that makes me happy is music. Listening to and singing along to my favorite songs is so therapeutic. It helps me so much when I have to deal with certain things. Music and singing is like my Savior. This is the one thing that makes me truly happy. What do you do to relieve stress in your life? What is that one thing that you love to do? ♥

December 12th: Leave All Your Problems At The Door


♥ Home is where the heart is.

Home shouldn’t be the place where you bring all your worries from outside in.

Home is where pure happiness and bliss should exist.

Home is the place where you should feel free to be who are and express yourself freely.

Home is where you should be the happiest.

So leave all your problems at the door when you get home and just relax and take your mind off of things ♥

December 11th: Look Past The Flaws

31 Days of Inspiration:



In relationships, friendships, family or simply just the people who you meet in life we should always learn and be able to look past the flaws. In life, I believe to really get to know someone you need to look past all the things that are wrong about them and get to know who they are as a person.A person flaws doesn’t define them but it is a part of who they are. Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect and we should look at the good they are doing rather than the bad. Love people regardless of who they are.