Holiday Gift Guide: For The One Who Loves To Cook

Let us talk about how fast this year has gone by. Today, while looking at my calendar I realized that there are less than 50 days until Christmas. Can you believe it? Where has the year gone? Last week Friday, I celebrated my 26th birthday and now my family and I are gearing up for the holiday season. I’ve already planned out my holiday budget and figured out who I’ll be giving gifts to this holiday season. God knows that I am a last minute shopper but hopefully this year i can start shopping for everyone’s gifts by Thanksgiving week when all the sales start rolling in. Throughout the holiday season, I wanted to share with you all my themed holiday gift guides. Today, I’ll be sharing my holiday gift guide for the one that loves cooking. I have a lot of people in my life, including myself who love to bake, cook or who love getting brand new cookware and kitchen appliances. 

Williams Sonoma Copper Mini Prep Mixing BowlsTrue Fabrications Viski Summit CorkscrewKitchenAid® Metallic Series 5-Qt. Stand MixerAll-Clad Gourmet Accessories SteamerMedium Wood Salad BowlCondiment Bowls & Serving Board Copper Finish Measuring SpoonsThés des Gourmets Black Tea Gift SetOster Counter Top OvenPinky Up Shelby Teapot & Infuser Set 

This KitchenAid Stand Mixer is on everyone’s in my family Christmas wishlists. When I use to work as a nanny in New York, the family I worked for had a KitchenAid stand mixer and omg I use to rush at the opportunity to bake so I could use it. This is the ultimate Christmas present and if it’s in your budget this holiday season, you should definitely gift yourself this stand mixer or give it to a friend or relative who you know loves to bake. I also found these cute Mini Prep Mixing Bowls from Williams-Sonoma that are a must have. As you might have noticed my gift guide has a lot of cookware and appliances that are copper and rose gold. I just love that theme for the kitchen lol. Like this gorgeous Teapot and Infuser Set  or these Copper Finish Measuring Spoons. If you you’re gifting a bottle of wine this season you can pair it with this cute True Fabrications Viski Summit CorkscrewView Post

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Him

If you’re a last-minute shopper like me, you’re going to be running to the stores and shopping online this week to make sure you get those last-minute Christmas gifts. I always wait until the last-minute because I’m either extremely busy during the month of December or I can’t think of the perfect gift to get my friends & family. Christmas creeped up on me this year. I can’t believe that next Sunday is Christmas and I’ve only gotten gifts for my niece, nephew, mom and sister. I still have so many gifts to get and so little time. Thank God for gift guides. Honestly, they are life savers. Today, I decided to create a gift guide for the guys in our lives.  I always have the hardest time trying to figure out what to get the guys in my life, because they are all so laid back. They aren’t fussy and they love and appreciate everything you give them. They literally have everything, so when I shop for them I’m always asking myself what can I get them that they’ll actually use everyday or once in a while?  When I’m shopping for my friends & family I love getting them quality gifts they can use. I don’t want to waste my money and I want to get the best deals out there. My Christmas gift guide below features a variety of gift ideas you can choose from or just get an idea of the direction you might want to go when shopping for that guy in your life. Also, as an added bonus I have 20% off coupon (TJHoliday) you can use when purchasing any of the Tommy John clothing and underwear from my gift guide or on the Tommy John website 

Shop My Christmas Gift Guide for Him (click each item to shop)  

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December 9th: Help Someone Today

31 Days Of Inspiration 

Today forget all your troubles, put them away and help someone in need today. Christmas is all about the season of giving so why not give back this season with kindness. Help someone by even performing the tiniest act of kindness. Kindness goes a long way and it is never forgotten. So this season help those in need.  


“Sail beyond the horizon; fly higher than you ever thought possible; magnify your existence by helping others; be kind to people and animals of all shapes and sizes; be true to what you value most; shine your light on the world; and be the person you were born to be.” Blake Beattie

My guide to shopping this Christmas.

It’s finally the Christmas season again and sometimes I know it can be hard to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and loved one. If you are like me the people you are going to buy Christmas gifts for this season actually love and are interested in a range of things. This year for Christmas I have decided to do Beauty Bag Stuffers and also Beauty Box Stuffers. My idea this year is to buy a bunch of stuff that are budget friendly and throw it together in a cute beauty bag or a Christmas themed box filled with a bunch of cool stuff. So today’s post is a guide to where to shop and what to buy. Guys you can also take a few notes to if you don’t know what to get your girlfriend, sister or one of your friends who are girls. I always say if you don’t know what to buy get them a bunch of cute stuff that you know they would love. It’s still gift shopping so put you heart into it.

This Christmas I will be buying these cute jumbo sized wristlet from New York and Company (they come in sets of three and are $15 for the set) and also I will going to target and getting gift boxes that you can decorate to make it more festive. Below is an idea of two of boxes you can use and also the style. You can add your own personal touch. Simply buy a plain box cause it will be cheaper and then decorate it yourself to make it more personal. You can fill them with with whatever you want as long as it all fits.Sorry I have no pictures of the wristlets I am using but I will add a picture as soon as I buy them.


Now it’s time to buy things to fill them. If you are buying a gift for a girl who loves a lot of girly stuff then it I can guide you as to where to shop and what to buy. First of all you need to figure out what you want to buy and what your budget is. I love buying a lot of products from different stores so first I will go to Target and look at the gift sets they have from E.L.F. E.L.F sells cosmetics products that are very budget friendly and also the quality is really good for the prices they offer. E.L.F is probably one of my favorite companies around Christmas time they sell makeup palette sets for as low as $3 that features eyeshadow, lip glosses,brushes, primers, eyelashes, nail polishes etc. Check out the $3 gift set page here.  They also have gift sets that cost $5 that are even more fabulous featuring Beauty Books, Mini Eyeshadow Palettes and many more awesome stuff. Be Mesmerized I urge you totally visit their website and just take a look around. You might have to order some of the things you might want online because Target doesn’t have a lot of the products in store.  

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 6.50.58 PM

Another place you can shop for some of your favorites is Forever 21. Forever 21 has a lot of budget friendly pieces you can throw into the box to show that special someone that you care. Some stuff you can buy at Forever 21 are scarves, hats, nail polishes, lipgloss, jewelry and so much more. Just be sure to buy things that can fit into box or bag. If you are going to forever 21 I suggest you use the box because it is so easy to get carried away and buy out Forever 21. Just remember to stick to your budget!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 7.10.36 PM

I really hope you guys can use this as a guide to holiday shopping if you are out of ideas of what to get your friends or loved ones for Christmas. I really enjoyed looking up the stuff and creating sets on Polyvore. Polyvore is like my favorite website to create outfits and now also gift set ideas. I hope you guys can take a few ideas from me and I just want to say good luck with your Christmas shopping this year.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 5.43.38 PM

(PS: You can click the gift set pictures to get an idea of how much everything cost) xoxoxo <3

Girls Night In! Movie Night Edition

Winter break officially starts next week or for some the week after for a lot of colleges and I know everyone is dying to be back home and just hang out with their friends. This post is all dedicated to having a fun movie night in with your girls. Since I only took one class this semester and it was was a hybrid course meaning half online and half in class I had a lot of time on my hands to watch movies and be lazy  these past few months. I probably watched so much movies that I caught myself today on Netflix almost re-watching this Christmas movie and I don’t re-watch movies unless it is a good movie like Love Notes and Selena these are my two exceptions. I live in Connecticut and it gets so cold that sometimes I don’t even want to leave the house so I prefer to just stay in pull out some fun snacks and have a movie marathon.

Girls call your friends up, come up with some cool fun snack and tell them bring pajamas and pop in some movies. Here are some movie suggestions that you might like. I know some of these movies aren’t available on DVD yet but I will provide a link where you can stream it online for free!!! DON’T JUDGE YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TO!!!

A movie I recently watched and enjoyed it so much was For a Good Time Call. This movie is the ultimate girls movie night in movie. It is so funny that at times I caught myself laughing so loud during the night when everyone in my house was asleep. This movie is raunchy so if you aren’t into bold types of movies this probably wouldn’t be your favorite. The movie is basically about these two girls who decided to live together at first they hated each other because of an incident that happened in college but when they decided to go into business together (a sex phone line) they grew to like each other and became best friends. (Sorry for the horrible summary didn’t want to give spoilers lol)


Another you can also make part of you Girls Movie Night In Marathon is Life Happens. This movie is a cute indie flick and if you are a fan of Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson you will probably be highly entertained. This movie is not a comedy even though it does have some funny moments to it. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling at the ending though that I am sure you will all love. The title of the movie explains it all two girls who are best friends and basically have no real responsibility in life are faced with a big dilemma when one of them gets pregnant. Life Happens and they are all faced with the reality of life and growing up.


Another movie that recently came out is 10 years staring the sexiest man alive Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum. I think its so cute that they filmed a movie together because a lot of the scenes together was so genuine, it wasn’t manufactured. Anyway this movie is a cute little Romantic Film that you can enjoy and also swoon over Channing. This movie is totally a modern day chick flick. Don’t read the reviews online simply just experience this movie with your friends. Its a movie that shows how revisiting your past can bring clarity to things in your present and future. It has a lot of symbolism and lessons to be learned in this movie that a lot of people can learn. Enjoy this one.


Lastly it isn’t truly Christmas until you watch Elf. This movie is my absolute favorite. I can literally watch it all year round. I am such a huge fan of Will Ferrel. He is like a comedy God in my eye hahaha then Kevin Hart lol. He is just so funny! I you aren’t a fan of this movie leave my blog. How can you watch this movie and not feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside and also die of laughter. I am watching this movie right now on ABC Family! Already dying and rewinding the movie back to my favorite parts! Ahh the best thing about Christmas is absolutely the movies.


Hope you guys like my suggestions. What movies are you and your girls going to watch during this winter break? Comment and share! See you guys tomorrow!

P.S ( 23 more days until Christmas can you believe it! OMGSH! I have some fun stuff in store for you guys for this entire month. So look out for some amazing how to’s and other fun stuff in the next few weeks!) Love you guys xoxoxo