Coachella How-To (Nails)

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If you’ve been watching the award shows lately, you probably have noticed that on the red carpet they have this new booth (The Mani Cam) they have been featuring on the red carpets at all award shows. At Coachella there isn’t only amazing fashion and music but the girls go out and get their nails done to celebrate the festivities of Coachella. You see an array of different nail art designs from neutral colors, to cute designs and then you have those girl who go all out and do some weird funky nail art design on their nails. Whatever they decide it is always amazing to see the pictures and videos of the different tutorials. Here are some of my favorite coachella inspired nail art designs I found online and also some other cool designs you might want to consider if you are going to Coachella this year.

nail 1

nail 2

nail 3

nail 4

nail 5


Nail Art Tutorial Videos

Tribal Nail At Tutorial


Disco Squares and Glitter Nail Art


Galaxy Nail Tutorial




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Fashionably Coachella

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                  Today’s Coachella outfit features a really cute get up. I found the cutest Aztec Embellished Vest to go with these comfy military button down zip shorts and I decided to go with one of the most popular trends of this season Wedged Sneakers.I really love this outfit because it’s really fashionable but it is also comfy and perfect for the hot desert heat. It’s certainly one of those outfits that if you aren’t loving that whole bohemian/hippie look that comes with Coachella you can totally get away with wearing this outfit and blend right in. The outfit features Dorothy Perkins “Aztec Embellished Vest”, Paprika Military Button Zip Back Shorts, Madison Harding Fulton High Tops from Anthropologie, Liebeskind “Filipa Leather Crossbody Bag, Honeycomb Peace Hat and Desert Desire earrings. Hope you guys love this look 🙂

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✭I’m not your hero but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t brave✭

Last Summer, I fell in love with this band and since I started listening to them there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t listened to there new record “Heartthrob.” I just love the carefree feeling I get when I listen to their songs. This song and Love They Say is probably two of my favorites from their new album. There are also one of the artists that are going to perform at the Coachella Music Festival this April. So if you are going get listening to some of their music so you can jam out with these girls when you see them live.

Coachella Lovin’

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As promised I said that I was going to do a few Coachella related post this month. Today my Coachella post is a “what to wear”. I’ve been going through so many pictures and blogs online to find inspiration on what I would wear if I was going to Coachella this year. I wanted to stick to the fashion trend of Coachella but also when putting together outfits I wanted it to reflect my own personal style. I know for Coachella there are a prints, lace, boho chic, a lot of accessorizing and of course skin. What I saw also is that even though everyone was very stylish, the clothes they  had worn seemed very comfortable and perfect for the hot desert weather. So for my Coachella outfit idea of the day I decided to put together a Tie-Front Lack Tank which I am seeing everywhere today, a high waisted denim jeans, Indigo Aztec Sandals, Tribal Print Backpack and some jewelry. I just adore this outfit so much and I hope you can pick up some ideas on what to wear from my Coachella Blog Series.

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Coachella 2013

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Coachella the biggest music festival on the West Coast is rapidly approaching and if you are a music lover like I am, I know we are probably thinking the same thing “damn I wish I could go”. With only 38 days to go until weekend 1 (April 12-14) and 45 day until weekend 2 (April 19-21), for those who are blessed and lucky enough to get to experience this awesomeness I hope you are going to enjoy yourself and just let the freedom of music take you over for these two amazing weekend. I’ve never been to this festival but what I look forward to mainly is the amazing fashion and also getting to sneak a peek of the show on youtube during their live streams (THANK YOU YOUTUBE FOR THIS). Even though its not a great as actually being there the music is still amazing. lineup


The reason I am doing this Coachella post is to share with you some Coachella fashion tips and ideas over the next few weeks. If you are a newbie to this festival and you have no idea what to pack with you, I can share a few tips on what to wear and fill your suitcase with. Also I will be taking this opportunity to feature one artist or bands’ music every time I do a post about Coachella. I promise you this is going to be fun and it won’t only be about fashion. I plan on doing my research and giving out daily tips on past Coachella festivals, so if this is your first time going or if you are returning you have some new interesting tips and facts about previous Coachella festivals. I hope by now everyone has gotten their tickets because I believe all tickets are sold out or almost gone. So keep your eyes peeled to my blog and also twitter account for updates. xx