O Skirts How I Love You So

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This season I just love wearing skirts. I am someone who normally will normally just wear the dressy pants and will totally not even wear a skirt at all but now I am in love with them. After watching Kat Dennings in Daydream Nation I was like I need to work that look well not maybe the way she wore it but I would totally steal her style with the skirts. At work I am only allowed to wear black or white. So I try to spice it up as much as I can. I decided to check out Forever 21 online and picked out a few pullover sweaters that complied with my jobs dress code. I found some cute pieces that worked for me but they were all simple and I wished that they had more choices that were in my price range but you gotta work with what you got when you are on a budget. So today I decided to show you guys my wear to work style but I upgraded it a bit and added some jewelry, studs and accessories. The first outfit on the right features a Moschino Beige Big Bow Embellished Wool Pullover with a Bardot Luxe Skater Skirt and then I added some jewelry Pearl Earrings from Banana Republic, a cuffed bracelet from Jenny Bird, a diamond ring and a tote bag.The second outfit is a bit to much for work well my coworkers might think I am overdressing but if I could have worn gray I would totally wear this outfit. This outfit features a Studded Shoulder Sweater from Mango and a black studded leather skirt. I also decided to do add two different sizes of bangles. The first Bangle is from Rue 21 and then I added a medium sized bangle from this store called lovelemonade.com and for earrings I found studded diamond earrings from Lleana Makri. I also decided switch up and add some color to this outfit by picking out a Tory Burch Mini Crossbody in Turquoise. I really enjoyed doing this post. It’s takes a while to find the perfect outfit on Polyvore, then when you put together the outfit you have to find jewelry and accessories. It takes time. I didn’t add shoes because you can wear this with either flats, heels or my personal favorite knee high boots or just any type of stylish women boots. When I wear skirts to work I wear tights from Francesca’s because they are not to expensive and they are also thick which is perfect for the cold winters of Connecticut. I try to be as stylish as possible at work no matter how I feel.

A Girl Can Make Her Dream A Reality (no matter how small)

As you guys know my 21st birthday is nearing it will be officially two weeks until my birthday this Saturday. I am so happy that I am finally seeing another year. Even though I don’t really celebrate my birthday I am filled with so much joy on that day. I always feel like beginning a chance for me to start over and look forward to a whole year of self discovery and happiness. So I decided to order one of my favorite shoes inspired by Demi Lovato. I finally got the chance to order “The Jeffrey Campbell Litas” These shoes are so amazing. They give your feet the most comfortable feeling anyone feet can have. I got the black shoes but if I am ever given the opportunity to get it at the price I got them boy o boy I will buy another pair. Ladies, please don’t let the heel on this shoe and the platform in front scare you away from buying these bad boys. The platform in the front actually balances off with the heel giving you an amazing feeling of comfort when ever you walk with them. You literally feel like you are walking on air. Here is a snapshot of me wearing the shoes last friday.

Aren’t they amazing!!!! 🙂

My second early birthday gift to myself came all the way from England “drumroll please” I order nail polish from this very famous company out in England called “Models Own“. If you follow a lot of youtube tutorials from guru’s in the UK almost all of them do a review, tutorial or haul of their Models’ Own purchase. I got six different shades of nail polishes because I don’t know when next they will be holding an international half off sale. So I took advantage and ordered me six different shades: Peacock Green, Scarlet Purple, Gold Digger (these are my christmas colors), Naked Shimmer, Nude Beige and Soda Pop Pink. I love love love these nail polishes. They were so worth it because I currently work in Retail and when I do my nails with brands like Essie, Zoya, etc I can’t make it through a shift without my nails being messed up but these have made me proud because they lasted throughout my entire shift without a hitch. I love them and I so would recommend them to anyone.

Are you a Shopaholic with a game plan?

Every girl’s favorite past time is dropping that money on that favorite pair of shoes or that perfect outfit. If your a girl on a budget well you would want to check out my little tips on how to shop, when to shop, the best time to shop and all things shopping. I work in retail and I see a lot of women just drop money on some senseless pieces of clothing that just doesn’t fit their body or they know that they will have to return because it’s just not worth the money.Ladies when going shopping you should have a game plan or a list of how you are going to plan out your shopping trip. If you are in the transition of switching up your wardrobe a day out shopping shouldn’t take only one day it should be over the course of three days because you won’t find your perfect outfits in one day. So here are my little tips for shopping 🙂

  1. The day before you plan on starting to shop get up early (store opening hour) and check out all the stores at the mall not just your favorite store. This process will eliminate all crowds and busy teens.
  2. Make a mental note or have a note pad of the stores layout and make sure to ask the employees about the present or upcoming sales (some tell you and some don’t)
  3. As you are browsing start putting together some outfits and if you really love one ask the employee to put specific pieces on hold that you love.
  4.  Check and record the prices of all the stuff you like to come up with a total and also ask the girl at the counter if the store has online coupons and what they can and cannot be used on.
  5. On pre-shopping day “Do Not Spend Any Money” 
  6. When you get home go straight to the computer and start browsing for the stores website for coupons and other websites likeRetailmenot for coupon codes that the store will take or that the stores online website will take.
  7. Print out any coupons you may have found and place them in a safe place.  When printing coupons always print like three or four of the same coupon.
  8. With your the prices your recorded earlier from Number 4 open your online bank account profile and see how much money you can actually spend or willing to spend on your shopping trip.
  9. Get out your notepad with all the stores you are going to shop at and see how much money you will be spending and how much you will be saving with your coupons.
  10. A lot of stores don’t offer the privilege of using double coupons in one transaction so you may be stuck a while at the register making two or three transactions to save more money! Trust me it’s worth it because you do save.
  11. Get to bed early because you are about to wake up early and go back to your shopping destinations to pick out that outfits you want so badly.
Shopping Day has arrived WooHoo!!!! 🙂 
  1.  Get up early to be there as soon as the store is open because as I mentioned less crowd and no set of annoying high schoolers to be in your way.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Wear something you can just slip off and slip on! Avoid jeans
  3. Make sure you smell good because trust me the people putting back the clothes do talk about how the clothes smell while they are putting them back on the rack.
  4. Take a friend a long with you so you can have some feedback on the outfits you have chosen
  5. Carry as little as possible on the day you are going to shop because you don’t want to risk losing anything at the store or in the mall.
  6. Since you already know or have an idea of what you want find the items, browse a bit more if you want or pick them up from the stores hold closet and head straight to the fitting room to try on your pieces.
  7. Every outfit you try on make sure to ask your friends opinion and also the employee on duty, two opinions is always better than one but in the end it’s your decision.
  8. Comfort is key so make sure that what ever you try on defines who you are and also makes you feel beautiful for you and not for anyone else.
  9. Take a risk and buy that dress, skirt, top or shoes that you have always wanted but were to afraid to wear.
  10. Don’t only stick to casual wear but also get a few pieces that you can wear to a semi formal event.
  11. Stay classy not trashy
  12. When you are finished trying on your picks make sure this is what you want and head to the cashier.
  13. Sign up for the stores mailing list. It can be a pain in the butt for some but in the end you are gaining the coupons for another shopping trip be it a mini one or a big purchase. Plus you will always know when that store is having a sale.
  14. Avoid opening credit cards to irrelevant stores because if you are a girl on a budget you don’t want to deal with that bill when the month is up.
  15. Remember to use those coupons and it’s okay to make multiple transactions to use your coupon codes. Go during the early hours so you won’t have a line behind you waiting impatiently.
  16. Your goal is to spend at least under $100 for every transaction with your coupons.
  17. After you are finish shopping make sure to thank the employees and make sure to fill out any survey or customer response to give the store some phenomenal ratings once your shopping experience was good!

So these are my tips and I really hoped they help. A shopping trip can take any number of days it’s up to the buyer but make sure to visit multiple stores in the mall or where ever you go to shop because you can find a variety of styles and accessories. Always look for quality stuff because you will want to recycle some of the stuff for seasons to come 🙂 Have fun and please do leave some positive feedback or anything I can add!!! XoXo

Happy Fall: How to wear your Fall Sweaters

I decided to create two looks that you can create with simple fall sweaters. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because I love the cool weather, I love the colors and I love the fashion. I love how designers try to match the color of the leaves and also put there own little twist on it. So the first look on the left is a maroon sweater, pink skinny jeans, a maroon purse/ shoulder bag (love these so convenient to carry your go to accessories), studded loafers and some jewelry. It’s such a simple outfit but it’s perfect for any casual occasion. The second color is your more traditional fall color look I decided to get use a pullover with brown skinny jeans with a matching shoulder bag/purse and flats and some jewelry. These are two outfits that you can wear for the fall and also you can alternate the pants for each sweater. I hope you like my choice of outfits. How do you wear your fall sweaters.

Hello Peplum :)

Hello Peplum :)

For today’s outfit choice I wanted to create something with my new Fall favorite trend “The Peplum.” I saw this style trickling into stores last year but it wasn’t as popular as it is now. All I am seeing everywhere is “The Peplum.” I find this style to be just perfect for the modern woman today. It gives women a taste of elegance and also a taste of sexy when they put it on (well that’s how I feel). I can’t wait to dress up my many Peplum tops this fall and simply make it my own. “The Peplum” makes me feel empowered like I can take on the world one outfit at a time.