January: Music On Repeat

I haven’t done a music on repeat since last summer I think and there has been so much good music out recently. I have been listening to a ton of Justin Bieber recently. His latest album Purpose is just so good lol but the singer I’ve been recently obsessed with is Alessia Cara. Woah this girl Alessia Cara is just so talented. Her music is so real and her voice is just so bold and soulful. I am also in love with Jojo’s newest music. From her Tringle to her more recent LoveJo EP woo it’s hitting me in all the right spots lol. Anyway let me stop talking because you guys are here for the music not my ramblings lol! FullSizeRender-2 View Post

Music On Repeat|Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown-Body On Me

Have you guys heard Rita Ora’s new song with Chris Brown “Body On Me“? It’s one sexy song. If you haven’t already you seriously need to stop reading this and play that song. It gives you the feels lol.  I have been waiting for some new Rita Ora songs and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. I am just so obsessed with her voice, even though some of her music can be a bit weird she definitely satisfies my cravings for new tunes. I would have never imagined a Rita and Chris collaboration coming so soon. But WOAH “Body On Me” just oozes seduction. I love that Rita Ora is finally hitting us with some sultry tunes. This is definitely a good follow-up from her last single “I Will Never Let You Down.” Rita Ora you are killing it and I really hope this time around this song get you the recognition you deserve in America. View Post

Music On Repeat

FullSizeRender-2I haven’t done one of these in forever and I’ve been listening to some amazing music. Life has been surprisingly amazing. I’m currently in Florida on vacation and thankfully my dad has a house out here so I didn’t have to worry about finding somewhere to stay. I’ve been here since July 1st and getting away from my regular life in Connecticut has been amazing. I just love the Florida weather and I’m actually considering moving out here next summer permanently just to be close to my family. While I’m here in Florida I’m just enjoying the weather, doing some homework from my summer class and then listening to some awesome tunes that I just have to share with you all. BTW has anyone seen the new Balmain Fall/Winter 2015 ad campaign featuring the Jenner girls and the Hadid sisters? They all look so amazing. I love this new ad campaign and the vision behind it. You can check out pictures on my Facebook Page.

Demi Lovato-Cool For The Summer

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Currently Loving: iZombie

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OMG! There is this new show on The CW “iZombie” and I just can’t get enough of it. I really wasn’t planning on getting hooked into a new zombie themed show but iZombie is one of those shows that literally grew on me. I’m going to be honest with you guys and say that in the beginning I wasn’t really feeling this show. The promos and teasers for this show really didn’t captivate me. I also wasn’t too sure if The CW had it in them to pull of a zombie show. Well if you’re guessing correctly I was wrong because I love this show. iZombie has everything I love in a show wrapped up in it. It has crime, drama, mystery, romance, and a lot of comedy. iZombie follows the life of Liv Moore, former medical resident turned Zombie, who is now working as a coroner’s assistant at the King’s County Medical Examiner’s office where it’s literally an all you can eat brains buffet. If you ask I think Liv is pretty smart because she totally picked the perfect job to get food aka brains. The only problem is that every time she eats a new brain she takes on various character traits from subjects. One time she ate this young mother who was murdered brain and as a result of this brain, Liv’s maternal instinct kicked in and she literally wanted to take care of everyone, she understood her mother more and she also had the instinct to look in on the dead mother’s baby and she made sure that he was taken care of properly. I just think it’s so cool how each brain affects her differently and changes little things in her. The only crazy thing is that Detective Clive Babinaux thinks she’s psychic and she helps him solve almost all of his cases. So she’s like a crime fighting/solving Zombie. The concept of the show is really interesting. I love how her boss Ravi knows about her condition and is trying to find a cure for her Zombieism. The craziest thing about this show is how her former life is sort of merging with her current life. Her ex-fiancé Major, who she broke up with because she became a Zombie, is starting to get a little too close to this Zombie business with his investigation into the disappearance of the homeless kids at the group home where he worked. It’s a little too close for comfort and right now his face bears the results of his meddling into this Zombie business. This show is definitely on my must watch list every week. I really don’t know when the season finale is but I do know that the show got picked up for a second season, so if you’re a fan of iZombie like I am then you’re in luck. If you would love to check this show out be sure to get caught up on Hulu or The CW App.

Binge Watch iZombie here: Hulu, iTunes, The CW App

Music On Repeat

Today I have an all new “Music On Repeat” for you guys. I’m so excited to share some of the songs I have been playing on repeat all the time. I know you guys loved my first “Music On Repeat” last month so I decided to give you guys an update on what songs I’ve been loving and obsessing over recently. Hope you guys enjoy and I would love to know what you guys are listening to. Also I’ll be doing a throwback  music on repeat post soon so stay tuned ♥

Hilary Duff-Sparks

Ahh new Hilary Duff music. I am loving this song right now and are you guys watching her new show “Younger” on TV Land. It’s so funny and her costar Sutton Foster is amazing. Younger is definitely a must watch and this song you should definitely be listening to it. I can’t wait for her new album.

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