The significance behind the name “Kiss of Joy”

I named my blog Kiss of Joy because I wanted this blog to mean something to me. I wanted this blog to be personal, raw and just truthful. As people in the music industry say “A stripped down performance” well in this case it’s a raw, acoustic version of my  life. I renamed my blog “Kiss of Joy” because I wanted to feel joy whenever I read my blog or someone else to be happy or joyous when they read how my life is evolving. I believe that a simple kiss, hug, good deed, a kind word or a small token can bring so much joy to someone’s life and that is what I wanted to accomplish with this blog. I picked this name because it’s just so simple and the name of the blog will want to get you reading I hope. So here it is the meaning of my blog name 🙂

“Be joyful always” 1 Thessalonians 5:16″

Hello Kiss of Joyers!

Welcome to my blog! So I first started this blog and it was suppose to be all about my love for fashion and free samples lol 🙂 but recently I decided that I would just blog what is on my heart and just different paths in my life that God is taking me and some fun advice. So hope you enjoy and thanks for reading my blog