Current Music Obsession “Rihanna-Diamonds”

                 Today post is dedicated to Rihanna’s new song “Diamonds” . I originally heard two weeks ago that she was coming out with a new single. I was so excited but I was also very skeptical because her last two albums had almost the same type of music and I was crossing my fingers hoping that this record would be different. Today, when I heard the song I was like in awe because Rihanna sang an amazing song. Thank God for Sia and her amazing lyrical talent. Sia wrote this song and let me just say it is amazing. Rihanna sang the hell out of this song. She captured every emotion of this song. It’s amazing how Sia can write a song that so connects with the artists life. Not a lot of songwriters can do that. Diamonds is a chill song. It’s a song that you can play at anytime and it makes you feel good. As Rihanna said the song is hopefully. In my opinion I think this song is mature and it’s a new direction for Rihanna vocally and career wise. I think this record will portray how much Rihanna has actually grown and found herself since her career started. When i first heard the song I was like wow some her vocals kinda sound like Willow Smith in I am Me. Regardless it’s a beautiful song and I love it. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and also different youtube covers of this song. Good Job Rihanna. Listen to Diamonds below via SoundCloud.

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Youtube Cover of the Week!


Travis Garland has done it again. This week’s cover is him singing Taylor Swift’s “We are never ever getting back together” I love it when he cover’s someone’s song and totally makes it his own by putting that little sexy twist to it. He is definitely one of my favorite artists out them. He deserves so much recognition for all the work he does. His voice is different and he totally has the ability to have a successful solo record. If you guys don’t know who Travis Garland is he was formally a member of the boy band “NLT” with Kevin McHale (Artie from Glee) and others. He has been in the music industry for a while and he knows how hard it is to get your album out and also build that fan base. So guys help Travis Garland by watching the cover above and sharing it with your friends.Thanks xoxo

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Colton Dixon Single is Finally Out!!

As I am writing this blog post I seriously can’t contain my excitement. This morning when I woke up I remembered that Colton Dixon new single was released to this little radio station that plays Christian music. I immediately searched tumblr for the song because lets face it people on Tumblr some how always have the scoop first. I finally found it and let me just tell you it’s perfect perfect perfect. Colton Dixon is amazing he wrote this song so perfectly and it I felt like it was made just for me because the lyrics was totally my life and my relationship with God. I felt such a joy when i listened to this song and just wanted to weep but i contained myself lol! He is so talented and this song is just amazing. I love how God used Colton as an instrument on American Idol. He stayed true to himself the entire time he was on the show. Never once he strayed away from his purpose. He never conformed and he wrote this amazing song to show people how amazing God is. I really hope that this song makes it to all radio stations all over the country because omgsh this would be yet another breakthrough for Christian artists. I’m so excited for him and I can’t wait to see what else he has written for his new album. Colton I give this song a 10. Here is the song below what do you think.


What I am watching this Fall Part 1

So last night was the premiere of the X Factor and I was so excited to watch it because one of my idol’s and greatest inspirations is a judge Demi Lovato. Last nights show was amazing. It was funny, entertaining and sad. For the first night I saw some incredible talent take the stage and also some not so talented take the stage. OMG those two blonde girls from Texas lol they were just talking up a storm about everyone last night lol. I forgot what the girl who sang said her voice was a mix of lol but when she finally sang her own “rendition” of Katy Perry- Firework it was a “NO-NO.” Quatrelle (the guy in the wedding dress and pink lipstick) surprised all the judges he had some vocals on him and he had that stage presence and he knew how to entertain a crowd. In the end i loved his performance. Jannel Garcia another favorite of mine. She’s a tiny girl but she has some killer pipes on her and she even knew how to move the crowd. Overall I loved a lot of the auditions last night. The girl that really moved me was Jillian. She sang Jessie J-Who You Are. She was a victim of bullying and when she sang that song man you felt that pain, you felt that heartache, you felt like ever emotion she had while she sang that song. If you’ve heard the song you know what it’s about “staying true to who you are no matter.” I loved that even though that all she went through she still got on that stage and sang her big heart out. The bullies they continuously put her down but she got back up and kept true to herself and pursued all that wanted to do. I hope she makes it through to the end. She deserves this so much. Overall the XFactor was amazing last night. I will be watching the season. Check it out on Fox this fall 🙂

Hopes for the future

As the new season approaches I think back on last season and just remember all the things that I have learned,overcame and also started to pursue. It’s crazy how things and people around you can inspire you to be a better person or just pursue the things you want to do. So over the summer vacation I started back doing something that I gave up years ago. I started back writing songs. Whenever I was inspired or I heard a song I would automatically come up with the idea for a new song. I have never been in love or experience heartbreak so I’m the type of person who writes songs about what I think love is like or how I think someone feels when they are in love. I also write songs that have to connect with the emotional side of my life. A side that I don’t really let other people see. I just love how this fresh passion is just building back up in me. Even though sometimes I write a song and it’s only like a hook or maybe just the first verse and the chorus I’m just happy that I am doing this again. My ultimate goal for the ending of this year is to write a song that is dear to my heart or just finish like two of my songs and then submit the lyrics to various recording companies. That is the one thing I would like to get out of this entire experience have someone sing one of my songs and have that song inspire someone.