June You Were Amazing


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June is finally over and I can’t believe tomorrow is the 1st of July. June was such a hectic month from school work, loads upon loads of laundry because the kids I nanny were leaving for camp, study sessions with Alexa and overall my many job was very time consuming. I am so happy that I’m finally on vacation and can have some much needed ME time for 7weeks

Currently Listening To…

Lana Del Rey-Brooklyn Baby

Lana Del Rey’s album is out today and I have to say it’s probably one of my favorite albums at the moment. This week I’ll probably be listening to Ultraviolence non-stop but one of my favorite songs off the album well second favorite is Brooklyn Baby. Lana despite your craziness you are one of my favorite singers at the moment. Thank You for your music. So guys sit back and take in the amazing Lana Del Rey’s song Brooklyn Baby and if you love what you heard you can buy her album Ultraviolence on iTunes.


May Playlist ♥


May is officially over. Tomorrow is the 31st and then June is like right next door. I can’t believe it!!! May wasn’t really too hectic. The craziest thing was me probably starting a new set of classes that had me super busy during May so I didn’t have much time to blog. I also booked a flight to Florida for $180 woohoo!!! 😀 I even figured out the next step I’ll be taking my blog this summer, which will definitely involve people. I’m so excited for this next step. It’s going to be one interesting summer but first here is some of the songs I loved and discovered in May.

Happy Listening 🙂

♥ Tove Lo-Habits


♥ Coldplay-Sky Full Of Stars


♥ Betty Who-Somebody Loves You


♥ Charli XCX-Boom Clap


♥ ZZ Ward-Last Love Song


♥ Jennifer Lopez-First Love


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Currently Listening To…..

Afrojack-Ten Feet Tall ft Wrabel

Lately I’ve been obsessed with  Afrojack-Ten Feet Tall ft Wrabel. I’ve never really listening to Afrojack’s music but this song just makes me so happy. Plus Wrable has such an amazing voice it’s so soothing. Recently I’ve been obsessed with EDM. I just love listening to it because its music that takes you to a different place if get what I mean. Take a listen below xx ♥


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