TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter Four


“Chapter Four”

Last nights episode of Jane The Virgin knocked the wind out of me. I couldn’t breathe after they kept dropping bombs one after the next. I’m sitting here today and I’m still in shock because of all the crazy OMG moments. Last nights episode was way too much drama for my heart. Jane got her heart broken, Rafael dropped an explosive truth on Petra, someone is using a fake name I think and someone got sister-zoned. Last night was the fourth episode of the season and the show totally went to a whole new level.

First, I’m going to start with the biggest revelation/bombshell we’ve all been waiting for. Jane finally knows that her Rogelio, her favorite telenovela star is her father. Remember when I said that Jane’s heart was going to get broken and that she’s going to experience a world of hurt; well when she found out last night that her mother Xiomara has been lying to her all these years about her father Jane’s heart literally shattered. Xiomara was so right when she said that Jane isn’t going to forgive her and that she might lose her daughter. Jane was so devastated and this is one of the many hurts she is going to have to experience and go through this season. Xiomara shouldn’t have lied to Jane about her father and the elaborate story she told Jane about him just made things worse. Rogelio is nothing like the man Xiomara told Jane about and now Jane is going to be so disappointed because Rogelio lacks so much. I commend Rogelio for telling Jane himself but he has to tell her the truth about why she never knew him. It’s such a messy situation and I hope Jane forgives her mother.

Jane’s wedding plans are in full swing but there’s one problem, Jane can’t stop thinking about Rafael. It’s confusing and frustrating the hell out of Rafael. Everything is moving so fast and everyone wants to input his or her ideas on what Jane should do and have at her wedding. Xiomara wants to sing, Michael want a food truck, Alba wants her to read a Psalm and attend Pre-Cana or Catholic Marriage Counseling. The crazy thing is that everyone’s planning and adding their suggestions but no one is asking Jane what she wants no wonder why she is so stressed but that’s what a family does. When they finally asked her she what’s wrong she just blames it on the wedding planning but little do they know that Jane is wrestling with her feelings for Rafael. Michael is like the best fiancé ever. His words are so sweet and he just knows the right things to say to calm Jane down. “At the end of the day, it’s just you and me and I can’t live without you.” Michael is seriously the best and if I had a fiancé who told me these words I would forget about the other guy I had feeling for. Seriously Jane get it together. Unfortunately things got worse and not better. Jane and Michael had their first sleepover and Jane had a sex dream about Rafael. OMG someone hold me because I swear I almost fainted. I did not see this one coming. Jane The Virgin is no saint. After she vows to focus on the man she loves (Michael) she goes to bed with Rafael on her mind and has a sex dream about him. My Oh My!!

Meanwhile at Pre-Cana Jane and Michael is getting counseling from the worst priest ever. I swear he shouldn’t be in charge of counseling soon to be married couples. He was literally comparing marriage to an ATV/All Terrain Vehicle. His parish had advised him to make himself more accessible to the youth but he clearly didn’t understand what they meant. He started going on and on about how as a married couple you become a team, you may hit a bump, it jostles you but you’ll be okay because you’ll have all these stunning features. He clearly got a bit carried away because he started describing parts of the vehicle and it’s features. However things started to go downhill once Jane and Michael told the priest about their little situation (Jane being pregnant with Rafael’s baby because she was accidentally inseminated.) The poor priest wasn’t prepared for all this drama and when he asked Jane if there was a personal connection between herself and Rafael she hesitated before she gave an answer, Michael picked up on it and that’s when she confessed to him and the priest about having the dream about Rafael. Michael was angry but I more think it was jealousy and betrayal that fueled his anger. Michael was in such a bad state. He was dealing with Jane and the problem of Petra’s impending arrest. He knew if Petra was arrested he was going to jail to, so he had to clear her name. I swear love and jealousy can make you do the craziest things and in Michael’s case tampering with a crime scene. Michael is so upset about Jane’s feelings for Rafael and I understand where he’s coming from about not wanting to marry Jane if she’s having feeling for another man but his lies and secrets to me are more damaging. People can get hurt and lives can be ruined because of his lies and secrets. Jane loves Michael and it sucks that she’s having feelings for Rafael. It’s confusing for her but the situation she’s in in so relatable and that’s why I love and connect with this show so much. I love that now she can be honest with him and I really admire her for not giving up. She did everything to win him back. She tried to avoid Rafael, which didn’t work because since she works at his hotel they were constantly bumping into each other. Michael didn’t like that and got even more upset. She then wrote a sex letter to him. Let me remind you that Jane might be a virgin but she’s no saint. Apparently, this is something Michael loves and she put her writing skills to work and wrote him a steamy sex letter, which accidentally got sent to Rafael and Michael got the article she wrote for Rafael. Talk about Awkward!! The worst part was Rafael read it and then totally sister-zoned her. Ouch!!! Thank goodness Jane made up with Michael and he finally told her the truth about his feeling towards the baby. He finally realized he was being selfish about the having to raise the baby if Jane decided to keep the baby. I’m happy he poured his heart out to her and he realized his worries were secondary to everything. It’s so nice and admirable of him to want to step up and be a father to this baby if Jane decided to change her mind and keep the baby.

In this episode we also got a sneak peek into Petra’s life before she became Mrs. Solano. We were introduced to Lachlan, Petra ex and Rafael’s most hated business nemesis. Before Petra was Petra Solano she used to be engaged to Lachlan and then she left Lachlan and married Rafael, so when Emilio (Rafael’s father) brought him back to keep an eye on Rafael tempers began to flare. Lachlan came to the Marabella on one mission and that was to undermine Rafael at all cost but it was so nice to see Rafael and Petra working together to scheme Lachlan. He really thought he had the upper hand when he tried to takeover and take credit for all the work Rafael had done. The look on Lachlan’s face when Petra screwed him over was priceless. He didn’t that one coming. You don’t mess with Petra’s money. She really fooled us all because she was flirting with him and he thought he had won her back. Oh Lachlan you fool.

I’m a firm believer in that you should never underestimate people and Petra underestimates Rafael so much. Last night he dropped an explosive bomb on her and her reaction was priceless. She didn’t know what to do. After, the little scheme they pulled on Lachlan something clicked and Rafael just knew and he just asked her without any hesitation, “So how long have you been sleeping with Zaz?” Oh my! I knew he suspected that something was up but when he just asked her point blank I was shock. I mean that was such a boss move and then he basically ended his marriage. I can’t wait to see what will happen next week because I know Petra isn’t leaving him quietly. Petra could write a book based on all her secrets. Apparently, Petra’s name isn’t Petra. I think her name is Natalia because the guy who she was talking in the car about almost being arrested and Zaz’s murder called her Natalia. I’m so confused and I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like all these secrets are just surfacing. I told you this episode was explosive but the scene that had me screaming OMG was Rafael waking up the next morning after he had a sex dream about Jane. He basically told Jane coldly that he only sees her as his sister and now he’s having dreams about. Hmm what did that letter have in it that Jane wrote? I guess we’ll never find out but I can tell it was hot because Rafael is having dreams now. Oh my goodness things are about to change.

So what did you guys think of Chapter Four of Jane The Virgin? I personally think a lot was revealed and not enough was explained. I’m nervous and anxious to find out the connection with Petra and this man she was talking to in the car. Rogelio and Jane have a lot of catching up to do and from the preview for next week’s episode he is failing terribly as a father. I just hope he tells her the truth. Lastly, now that Rafael is single and he’s having steamy sex dreams about Jane how will this change their relationship? I wonder if he will start seeing her differently and not just as a sister. So much happened during this episode and so many unanswered questions. Jane The Virgin makes so nervous. They went to a whole new level with this episode. It was filled with so many unexpected twists and turns. I loved it and I stand by what I said last week that this is one of the best new shows on TV. It’s so easy to connect with the characters and the storyline and that’s what makes it so watchable and relatable. I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks chapter three TV Talk and if you missed this weeks episode you can always watch it online or On Demand.

Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm after The Originals. It’s the CW’s Best Show Ever!!!




TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter 3


“Chapter 3”

In Chapter 3 we witness the aftermath of Roman Zazo’s death and Alba’s words of wisdom “Little lies spiral into big balls of evil” come to life and I can already tell that a lot of people, especially Jane is going to get hurt. Michael may think that by him lying and keeping Petra’s affair a secret, he’s protecting Jane but everyone knows the saying “Everything done in the dark, always comes to light.”

The police suspect that Petra is involved in Roman’s death. They’re calling it a crime of passion. Michael is acting so suspicious because he knows if they bring in Petra for questioning two things will happen. The first being the investigation will be exposed and the second being Petra’s affair with Roman will be exposed, Rafael will find out, divorce Petra and Jane will the baby and as we discussed last week Michael does not want this baby, so he’s doing everything to clear her name. He even went so far as lying to Jane about why he was in elevator with Petra after Jane saw he lurking around the crime scene and popping pills and he even tampered with the crime by removing Petra’s necklace so that they couldn’t place her in his room at the time of his murder. Michael is being so stupid because with Roman being murdered the police is going to bring in both Petra and Rafael for questioning sooner or later and the affair will be revealed. He just isn’t thinking like a detective. He’s thinking like a jealous, insecure man and he’s letting that hinder his decisions. When this entire situation blows up, Michael is going to fall hard and lose everything.

Back at Casa de la Villanueva (Jane’s house) Rogelio sends Xiomara a gift basket. At first Xiomara is smitten because she thinks Rogelio is so romantic but then she realized it just a prepackaged fan gift basket. I so agree with Xiomara when she called him a jerk. At least he could have gotten a better gift or not make the gift basket seems so unoriginal. Poor Xiomara but I really think Rogelio didn’t mean anything by it. He looks like the type of man who totally sucks at buying gifts for women. Rogelio is making such an effort to connect with Xiomara in hopes that she would tell Jane but Xiomara isn’t budging at all. She even made him promise to stay away from Jane, but Rogelio being Rogelio and wanting to get to know his daughter he just couldn’t do that. I love his character so much. He’s very determined and I can tell he’s at a point in his life where he just wants to right his wrongs by trying to be there now for Xiomara and Jane. He was so desperate to meet Jane that he even checked into The Marabella where Jane works, calls her out and they finally meet. Jane finally meets her favorite telenovela star but little does she know he’s also her father. Even though Rogelio knows that he can get in trouble with Jane and Alba for going to see Jane, he takes a selfie with Jane and she sends it to her mom. I can’t wait for her to discover her dad is really Rogelio; it’s going to be so interesting. She’ll be mad at him at first but she’s going to be even angrier with Xiomara.

Meanwhile, Jane turns her attention to Petra. Jane is a bit hysterical at the moment. Anything that’s not normal she’s picking up on it. I love Michael but sooner or later Jane’s going to pick up on his lies and secrets because his body language sells him out. Remember when I said Jane say Petra popping pills, well one of Jane’s coworkers convinced her to do some investigating and she decided to break in Petra’s room and look for the pills. Jane is like the worst snoop. She just doesn’t have it her and she totally get caught by Petra. Since it’s impossible for Jane to lie due to her remember Alba’s fierce words “Little lies spiral into big balls of evil,” she comes clean and tells Petra the truth. Petra gives her this explanation and to be honest I don’t even know if it’s the truth. Petra confessed to only taking the Xanax three times, “One when her husband was diagnosed, one when he had an eight hour surgery and one when his best friend died.” The thing that’s so bad about Jane’ is that she’s so naïve and is quick to believe anyone and as a result of that she’s taken advantage of a lot. I don’t think that Petra has a problem however; if it weren’t for all those secrets she was hiding she wouldn’t have to pop any pills. After all this her alter ego appeared. I only say alter ego because Petra has a good and bad side. Her motherly, caring and intuitive side is her good side or alter ego. It’s her best side and when she showed Jane the baby’s nursery, it warmed my heart. Jane started to cry and Petra started going on and on about where the baby’s crib was going to be. It was such a sweet moment and I loved seeing Petra getting excited about the baby given the circumstances.

After all this crazy commotion with Petra, Jane decided to go to church with her mother and Alba. She thinks that they’re just going to church just because but earlier in the day Alba went to visit Rogelio on set after the “selfie incident” to warn him to stay away from Jane but this show wouldn’t be so good if everything always went according to plan. Alba goes to talk to him but after Rogelio sweet talks her and kisses her hand she becomes mesmerized, runs home and decides that both her and Xiomara must tell Jane about Rogelio tonight at church. If you’re guessing about what happens next you’re right because Alba and Xiomara end up not telling Jane because she blurts out in church that she’s having sex with Michael tonight. Jane’s conscience weighs so heavy on her because while at church instead of hearing what the pastor was actually preaching, she heard him saying, “You abuela taught that a lie by omission is still a lie.” Poor Jane and the look that her Abuela had on her face would totally make me change my mind about having losing my virginity before marriage. Alba had that look of disappointment on her face. It was so heartbreaking.

In this episode they also explored two things. One being Jane wanting to lose her virginity and the second being Jane’s growing feelings for Rafael. These two events ultimately affect one another and set the course for future episodes. Jane wanted the perfect telenovela experience for her first time. She had everything planned out perfectly right down to even getting the presidential suite that night. She was joking with her friends about it and Michael the sweetest, making sure she was ready to take this new step in their relationship. However, everything changed throughout the course of the day. Every time Jane ran into Rafael her heart fluttered. When she met him in the hallway and was talking to him and comforting him by placing her hand on his shoulder, her heart fluttered. When they were talking on the docks about Rafael dad plans for the hotel to not recognize Roman as a friend and the baby and he placed his hands on her legs, her heart fluttered and when they were dancing together at Roman’s tribute before she went to meet Michael, her heart fluttered and something changed. She almost went through with losing her virginity to Michael but unfortunately there was so many obstacles standing in their way. The first being, Rafael’s hotel ad popping up on the TV while they were together in bed, the flowers in the room reminding her of her vow she made to her abuela and then the fire alarm that went off because Luisa was being nasty again and hooking up with her stepmother Rosa. All these little things made her rethink her decision and she realized she wasn’t ready because she was so confused about these new feelings she had for Rafael. When Michael asked her what was wrong she lied to him for the first time and blamed it on her abuela being disappointed and upset about her having sex before marriage. Michael then did something so drastic and to be honest I don’t know if his motives are genuine. He moved the wedding up to next week and when Jane told her mother I sensed she wasn’t really ready and sure she wanted to marry him so soon. I don’t know if Michael is doing this out of jealousy or if he’s just eager to sleep with Jane. I guess we’ll find out what happens next in Chapter Four.

Just when I thought this episode couldn’t give me more, Petra slipped up big time and now Rafael is going to start questioning her every move and keeping close tabs on her. I swear I screamed when she asked Rafael if called Aaron, Roman’s brother. Earlier she flat out lied and said she didn’t even know he had a brother and now she’s asking Rafael about Aaron. Oh Petra your lies are too many to keep track of. Petra and Michael are there own worst enemies. The police found out that Petra’s mother keycard was used to access the back stairwell of Roman’s room five minutes before he was murdered and since Petra’s mother is in a wheelchair, the only person who could have been there was Petra. When Michael confronted her about this she blackmailed him like I suspected she would and now if he doesn’t get figure a way out of it, they both can go to jail and Michael would lose Jane. I mean it when I say that Michael is going to fall hard and lose everything.

 Jane The Virgin is the highlight of my Monday nights and even my Fall TV schedule. If you aren’t at home on Monday nights watching Jane The Virgin, I’m sorry but you’re missing the hottest Monday night show. Can it be next Monday already? I just want more. I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks chapter three TV Talk and if you missed this weeks episode you can always watch it online or On Demand.


Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm after The Originals. It’s the CW’s Best Show Ever!!!


TV Talk Back

 Do you think Petra killed Roman Zazo?

Do you think Jane will marry Michael?

Will Michael be able to crawl himself out of all his lies?

Will Rafael figure out that Petra was having an affair now that she slipped up?


TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter 2


“Chapter 2”

Jane The Virgin is my new Monday night addiction. It’s a mix of everything I love in my favorite television shows and I ‘m so happy that The CW picked it up for a full season, 22 episodes, which means more TV Talks. Yippy!! Last nights episode introduced us to Chapter Two of Jane’s story and they wasted no time to jump right into the craziness but first let me do a quick recap of last weeks premiere. Jane is ambitious, hopeful and optimistic young woman who made a vow to her Abuela to keep her virginity until she got married. She’s dating Michael who loves her unconditionally and respects her vow. Due to an unfortunate event her gynecologist Luisa accidently inseminates Jane with Rafael’s sperm and she gets pregnant. So now Jane’s pregnant with Rafael’s (Luisa’s brother) baby, engaged to Michael and trying to stay calm, cool and collected while she navigates this new chapter in her life.

The second episode opens up with a flashback scene to Jane’s Quinceañera, where Jane’s mother always wanting to be the center of attention starts singing Milkshake by Kelis and totally embarrassing Jane but we find out later on in the episode that Xiomara only did this to distract Jane from seeing her hot Quinceañera date kissing some other girl at her party. Now that Jane’s pregnant, her life is about to change drastically but it really hasn’t hit her yet so she made a vow to just move forward with her life. She even went so far to not even acknowledge that the baby is a baby. Instead, she wants everyone to refer to the baby as “The Milkshake,” so she didn’t have to think about being pregnant but all this changed after she heard the baby’s heartbeat with Rafael. During a heart to heart with Xiomara, it finally hit her that she was pregnant and that the baby wasn’t a milkshake, she was going to get attached to the baby and then having to give it to Rafael and Petra after carrying it for nine months is going to hurt like hell. Now I can understand why Jane wants to sue Luisa. It broke my heart and I’m sure if you watched last night’s episode you got a little teary eyed. Jane and Xiomara have a bond like no other and that’s why I love this show. It perfectly represents the ups and downs a family goes through and even the craziness like Jane’s entire family, Michael, Petra and Rafael trying to all fit into the room when Jane was getting her first sonogram done. By the way during the sonogram Jane and Rafael had another moment. It’s only the second episode in and I can’t get enough of these two. After Jane made it know that she Google searched Rafael, they had a little heart to heart. He opened up to her and explained why he was a Playboy before being diagnosed with cancer. His fear of failure took him down such a dark path that he regrets but after talking with his sister Luisa she gave him that wake up call he needed. I also love how he remembers the little things Jane told him when they met years ago at Yacht club. He remembered that she wanted to be a writer. It’s just the little things like this makes me feel like these two belong together and as Alba said, “God has a plan.” I just hope the plan is a good plan.

Last night’s episode also proved how stupid Michael is and how that little secret that his brother mentioned will soon manifest itself. Michael could have put his entire investigation in jeopardy when he told Petra that he knew about her affair with Roman. Even though he played it off it wasn’t very smart of him. We all know that he doesn’t want Jane to keep the baby so he’s going to do whatever he can to ensure that when that baby comes Petra and Rafael gets it. Roman is also a psycho. When Petra tried to break up with him, he started to choke her. I wonder how far he would have gone if she didn’t play it off as if she was testing him. Even though she’s cheating on Rafael with Roman, Petra’s love for Rafael is real but the temptation of money is stronger. When he threatened to divorce her she used all the tricks in the book to get back even threatening to tell Jane because she knew how important it was to Jane that the baby grew up in a household with both parents. In the end when she genuinely poured her heart out to him. He decided to give her a second chance. I felt bad for her because she remembered the exact moment he stopped loving her after he talked to his sister during treatment and that’s when she realized everything changed. This scene was the turning point of the episode. It was the moment Rafael realized that it was time for him to give Petra a second chance even though he knew she was just waiting out the terms of their prenup to make money off him. This was the turning point in their marriage because Petra finally told Rafael how she felt. I believed this is what drove her to have an affair with Roman because he gave her everything that Rafael wasn’t. Being unfaithful is wrong and if this is how Petra was genuinely feeling, she should have talked to Rafael sooner. Who knows maybe she wouldn’t of had the affair. I love that this episode showed a more emotional side to Petra and my initial judgment of her was wrong and she’s not as cold-hearted. However, I do think she’s still a hot gold-digging mess.

Jane’s dad is Rogelio de la Vega!!! He’s her favorite telenovela star and her dad. Sadly, she doesn’t know yet because Xiomara hasn’t told her yet. What I don’t understand is how could she keep it from her knowing that Jane and Alba religiously watch his show. Now that Jane’s father is back and wants to be apart of Jane’s life, Xiomara should forgive him and let Jane know who he is. It might ruin their relationship and the trust the have but during this ordeal Jane needs her dad. And poor Alba, God bless her heart. It was funny when she fainted after walking in on Rogelio and Xiomara but I can’t wait to see how she’ll explain this one to her mother.

Jane The Virgin wouldn’t be a hit without a little scandal. Petra’s affair is scandalous but Luisa’s dirty little secret is even more scandalous. You know how last week Luisa caught her wife Allison cheating, which caused her to accidently inseminate Jane; well Luisa is no better. Luisa is having an affair with her father’s wife Rosa aka her stepmother. This is so wrong on so many levels. I swear this show is getting better and better. The drama, the chaos, the romance, the lies, reminds me of my favorite daytime soap operas.

Last nights episode ended with one shocker. I still can’t believe they went there. Someone killed Roman and if was horrific and gruesome. He fell right onto the ice sculpture and it impaled him. It was such a wicked twist. I thought the writers would have explored his character more but when he died, that was unexpected. I’m so curious to see what’s going to happen next and how this one thing will affect everyone.

The episode was an amazing follow-up to the series premiere. I love how as the show progresses the audience is learning more and more about each character and we are diving deeper into the core of the show. It’s such an amazing production. Jane The Virgin is not only funny and romantic, it has that element that just keeps you hooked and on your toes. I just love it. I’m so happy it got picked up for a full season. The show is really spectacular. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am and if you missed Mondays episode you can catch it again on Friday at 8pm on The CW.

 Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm after The Originals. It’s a Monday Night Must Watch TV Show!!!


TV Talk Back

 Who killed Roman?

How do you feel about Rafael giving Petra a second chance?

Do you think Jane is right for wanting to sue Luisa?

How excited are you for next week’s new episode?

TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter One


“Chapter One”

Last night was the season premiere of Jane The Virgin, and I have to admit even though I was pretty bummed The CW cancelled an amazing show to bring Jane The Virgin to life, it was everything I expected and more.

Jane is like a telenovela. It’s funny, romantic; it has drama and the right amount of emotion. Maybe that’s because Jane’s life is like a real life telenovela. Her grandmother, Alba, is a traditional and over the top Spanish old lady. Can you believe she compared Jane’s virginity to a flower? This made me laugh out loud because when Jane was a little girl, Alba made her crumple up a rose and then she told to her try to make it new again. When this failed, Alba told Jane “You can never go back and that’s what happens when you lose your virginity.” As crazy as this seems, I totally I totally get it. Alba was just trying to teach Jane that it was something sacred, and she also didn’t want Jane to end up like her mother, Xiomara, who got pregnant with Jane at a young age.

Today, Jane is an adult and in a relationship with Michael, who is a handsome, nice, and understanding man. One could even make the connection that he’s Jane’s reward for keeping the promise she made to her grandmother/abuela and is waiting until marriage to lose her virginity.

Jane has her entire life planned out from school, her career and even marriage. She’s on top of her game, and at this point in her life, it seems that nothing can get in her way. Little does she know that her life is about to change drastically and things are about to get super complicated.

Her gynecologist Luisa, accidentally inseminates her with Rafael’s sperm. Luisa, who also happens to be Rafael’s sister, was just having the worst day ever after she found out her wife cheated on her and the sperm that was actually meant for Petra (Rafael’s wife) got inseminated into Jane by mistake. If this ever happened to me, I really don’t know what I would have done. It’s so crazy. Petra can’t be trusted though. Even though she supported Rafael during his cancer, she’s a little snake. This woman is cheating on him with his best friend Roman. It’s such a messy situation, but like I said telenovela. Petra only wants to get pregnant so that when she divorces Rafael she can get more money. Petra is a hot gold digging mess and I hate her already. Thank goodness Rafael asked her for a divorce, however we all know Petra isn’t going quietly.

The most romantic moment was totally ruined when Jane blurted out mid proposal to Michael that she was pregnant. He had the most romantic night planned and she sort of ruined it. But I am happy she told him right away. Michael, on the other hand, was just in total shock because he knew Jane was still a virgin, and that her being pregnant was impossible. However, this being TV where awkward situations abound, they had to play it off because he had invited her entire family to the proposal because he knew she was going to say yes. That bit him in the butt, but it was so sweet of him. Sadly, he didn’t foresee this mishap (who could have?), but Jane being the romantic she is, totally scored points when she proposed to Michael a bit later. I swear I cried. It was the cutest and most romantic scene ever I’ve ever seen.

Jane The Virgin is my new Monday night guilty pleasure. I love watching Sleepy Hollow but sadly that’s going to the DVR. You know what’s amazing is that Jane and Rafael actually know each other. He was her little man crush and they even shared a passionate kiss back when she used to work at this Yacht Club. Back then Rafael was a little playboy so he never called her back. All of this is so ironic you know, but I’m happy that she’s keeping the baby seeing as this is the only chance Rafael has at being a father.

Jane The Virgin is the breath of fresh air The CW needed. There is no other show on TV at the moment that’s like this, and I truly love it. Last night’s episode made me laugh, cry, and get angry (stupid Petra). Seriously, I can’t wait for Chapter 2 next week. But until then, I’ll be watching this episode again because it was just so good.

Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm. You guys should really check it out! I promise you won’t be disappointed.



What secret is Michael hiding?

Why is Michael investigating Roman?

Who was murdered?

Will Jane fall in love with Rafael?

What are your thoughts and predictions?