TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter One


“Chapter One”

Last night was the season premiere of Jane The Virgin, and I have to admit even though I was pretty bummed The CW cancelled an amazing show to bring Jane The Virgin to life, it was everything I expected and more.

Jane is like a telenovela. It’s funny, romantic; it has drama and the right amount of emotion. Maybe that’s because Jane’s life is like a real life telenovela. Her grandmother, Alba, is a traditional and over the top Spanish old lady. Can you believe she compared Jane’s virginity to a flower? This made me laugh out loud because when Jane was a little girl, Alba made her crumple up a rose and then she told to her try to make it new again. When this failed, Alba told Jane “You can never go back and that’s what happens when you lose your virginity.” As crazy as this seems, I totally I totally get it. Alba was just trying to teach Jane that it was something sacred, and she also didn’t want Jane to end up like her mother, Xiomara, who got pregnant with Jane at a young age.

Today, Jane is an adult and in a relationship with Michael, who is a handsome, nice, and understanding man. One could even make the connection that he’s Jane’s reward for keeping the promise she made to her grandmother/abuela and is waiting until marriage to lose her virginity.

Jane has her entire life planned out from school, her career and even marriage. She’s on top of her game, and at this point in her life, it seems that nothing can get in her way. Little does she know that her life is about to change drastically and things are about to get super complicated.

Her gynecologist Luisa, accidentally inseminates her with Rafael’s sperm. Luisa, who also happens to be Rafael’s sister, was just having the worst day ever after she found out her wife cheated on her and the sperm that was actually meant for Petra (Rafael’s wife) got inseminated into Jane by mistake. If this ever happened to me, I really don’t know what I would have done. It’s so crazy. Petra can’t be trusted though. Even though she supported Rafael during his cancer, she’s a little snake. This woman is cheating on him with his best friend Roman. It’s such a messy situation, but like I said telenovela. Petra only wants to get pregnant so that when she divorces Rafael she can get more money. Petra is a hot gold digging mess and I hate her already. Thank goodness Rafael asked her for a divorce, however we all know Petra isn’t going quietly.

The most romantic moment was totally ruined when Jane blurted out mid proposal to Michael that she was pregnant. He had the most romantic night planned and she sort of ruined it. But I am happy she told him right away. Michael, on the other hand, was just in total shock because he knew Jane was still a virgin, and that her being pregnant was impossible. However, this being TV where awkward situations abound, they had to play it off because he had invited her entire family to the proposal because he knew she was going to say yes. That bit him in the butt, but it was so sweet of him. Sadly, he didn’t foresee this mishap (who could have?), but Jane being the romantic she is, totally scored points when she proposed to Michael a bit later. I swear I cried. It was the cutest and most romantic scene ever I’ve ever seen.

Jane The Virgin is my new Monday night guilty pleasure. I love watching Sleepy Hollow but sadly that’s going to the DVR. You know what’s amazing is that Jane and Rafael actually know each other. He was her little man crush and they even shared a passionate kiss back when she used to work at this Yacht Club. Back then Rafael was a little playboy so he never called her back. All of this is so ironic you know, but I’m happy that she’s keeping the baby seeing as this is the only chance Rafael has at being a father.

Jane The Virgin is the breath of fresh air The CW needed. There is no other show on TV at the moment that’s like this, and I truly love it. Last night’s episode made me laugh, cry, and get angry (stupid Petra). Seriously, I can’t wait for Chapter 2 next week. But until then, I’ll be watching this episode again because it was just so good.

Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm. You guys should really check it out! I promise you won’t be disappointed.



What secret is Michael hiding?

Why is Michael investigating Roman?

Who was murdered?

Will Jane fall in love with Rafael?

What are your thoughts and predictions?

TV Talk: The Strain


For the past few weeks I’ve been watching FX’s new show “The Strain” and so far it’s been one hell of a ride!! The first thing that got me hooked on this show was because it was a vampire show but boy o boy let me tell you I was wrong. The Strain is a whole new level of vampires. All my life I’ve been watching vampire shows from Buffy, Angel to The Vampire Diaries and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Vampires are supposed to have fangs and big teeth but instead Guillermo Del Toro decided it would be amusing to give these little vampires or Strigoi’s  these little sucker or stingers and let me tell you it is so gross. There is no glitz or glamour in this show and to be frank these little suckers ain’t no Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen. Every episode I scream, I squirm, I close my eyes because it’s just too much to take in but I love it and I can’t stop watching The Strain. These Strigoi’s invested NYC when Eldridge Palmer made a deal with Thomas Elchorst (he’s a badass old man by the way and I love him even though he’s evil) to be immortal, in exchange Thomas was to bring The Master (who is one ugly creature) to NY so that he could make a new batch of his little Strigoi’s. How selfish and so cruel right? I hate this ugly dude by the way. He looks like Frankenstein baby just 100x uglier and with a pudgy nose. The crazy thing about the spread of the “disease” is that the people who are infected are drawn to fear and love, so they return home to their loved ones and infect and that’s how it spreads. So these people have been going around infecting their families, nesting during the day because like any vampire sunlight kills them and then at night they go hunting like any old regular vampire. Thankfully, old man Setrakian and his group of slayers have been going around trying to kill as much Strigoi’s as possible to prevent further infestation but these Strigoi’s spread their little worms so fast and from the look of Sunday nights episode when they found the Master’s leer, they are greatly outnumbered. The Master, he is so smart though, he tricked Ephraim so good and he almost stung him. I was sitting at the edge of my seat last night watching that scene because I thought that it was the end for him. Whew but thankful Fet, the arrogant, cocky but sexy rat killer saved his life yet again. (BTW Ephraim hates Fet lol) So many people have died already and because Mr. Palmer paid this woman to slow down the internet and communication, the rest of the country and world are clueless and NYC has no help except for this band of misfit Strigoi’s who the Master probably granted some special authority but instead of killing people they are killing their kind. Sadly, I only saw them for one episode so I don’t know what ever became of them. The Strain isn’t for the weak and a lot of people won’t like it because it’s very graphic but it’s such a well written show. I so put it up there with The Walking Dead. I love watching this season and even though it’s almost over (tear) I’m so excited for next weeks episode. If you guys are interested you can check out the entire season on iTunes and be sure to watch Live next Sunday @ 10pm on FX. xx ♥



TV Talk: Shows To Watch This Fall

I can’t believe there is only less than 2 weeks until Summer is over. I’m not ready and my body is definitely not ready. Even though I’m excited for the new Fall TV Shows, I’m so sad that Summer is ending oooo so soon. This Summer was actually really fun. I’m going to miss the long nights, waking up late, the weather, Florida and the clothes. O Summertime Sadness you are creeping up on me. The only things that are amazing about Fall is Starbucks Seasonal Drinks and themed cups, Fall Boots and new returning and new TV Shows. Today’s blog post is just a guide on the new Fall TV Shows I’ll be checking out. Ahh I love Fall TV Shows ♥  View Post

TV Talk: Pretty Little Liars


Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is already 9 episodes in and to be honest I’m having a bunch of WTF moments. First of all Ali and her crazy kidnapping story. Allison literally has lied about almost everything since she’s returned. I really don’t understand why she lied when she could have just told the truth.The craziest thing now is that some fool has come forward and confessed to kidnapping. My question is what the hell does A have up her sleeve. (I think A is a woman tbh) Emily hooking up with Ali was definitely another WTF moment. I know there is some deep romantic history between them but come on Emily you know who she is why would you go there for. Aria on the hand needs to stop feeling guilty for killing Shana. She shot Ezra and almost killed all of them too, in my book she deserved what she got. Since the season started and Ali returned Hanna has been out of control. She drinking, spilling secrets, wearing clothes to match her mood and just letting herself go. OMG and that sleaze Zach who knew he was such a perve. So glad Caleb got his shit together, punched out that little nastiness and Aria told her mom what Zach did to Hanna. Aria’s mom didn’t need to marry that man. She is definitely better off. I am still holding out hope that Aria’s parents will get back together. Mona and her little revenge team scare me. This girl  takes crazy to a whole new level.  Ali has so many people after her. There is Mona and her team, A and now Noel has all this evidence on her just in case she “throws him away.” I’ve never watched a show where one of the characters has so many enemies. Pretty Little Liars this season is confusing the hell out of me. What I want to know is what secret does Melissa and her dad have that is so bad that Veronica decided that she wanted to end her marriage. I have so many more questions like Who is this new A? Can Ezra really be trusted? Who blew up Tobi’s house? Was it A or Allison trying to kill Noel? Why is Ali lying so much? Whoever is this new A has the goods on everyone. There is no secret these girls can hide and A is making sure that every lie is revealed. Pretty Little Liars is leaving me so confused and mad after each episode. I really do hope we get some answers before the Summer Finale because I can’t wait until the second half of  season 5. Are you watching Pretty Little Liars? What are some of your WTF moments so far this season? If you need to get caught up on Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars you can download Season 5 on iTunes below

Download Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars

TV Talk: Hit The Floor (Behind The Back)

BompH5FCQAAJumALast nights episode of Hit The Floor was very revealing. It hurts my hurt that Chase is in jail for Olivia’s murder and everyone knows that it wasn’t him that killed her. Even though the shovel was found in his car with his fingerprints on it, it just sucks to see him taking the wrap for a crime he didn’t commit but you know what he shouldn’t have moved her body in the first place.

  • Jelena and her scheming ways.

This girl pisses me off. Why does she constantly get away with everything she does. Last night episode the Jelena hurricane struck again and she got what she wanted. She played it so well that at the game the kiss cam would spotlight German and Asha and they would be forced to kiss. Unfortunately Derrick saw and he got jealous. 🙁 This forced Asha to go above to reassure Derrick that she was in the relationship. The only good thing that came out of this whole situation was Derrick telling Asha he loved her which absolutely wrecked my heart. I knew he loved ahhh. Anyway Jelena being the devil she is had them followed by this photographer and he snapped a couple of pictures of them and then sold it to TMZ. OOOO Jelena is such a sleaze.

  • Lionel wants Pete back.

Lionel is doing way to much to try to break up Pete and Raquel but that ship has sailed. She left him because she supposedly wanted to teach him a lesson but when he didn’t come back she felt stupid. Pete is so over and falling madly in love with Raquel. Sucks that because of Lionel and her constant scheming he is always trying to prove to Raquel that he is committed. The moment between them in last nights episode was really touching. Even after all Raquel had been threw with him she let her guard down and introduced her son to Pete. Let’s just hope he doesn’t mess it up and do something stupid.

  • I Love Kyle.

Kyle, this season is on fire. This woman is just doing her thing her week. Three episodes in and she’s managed to already to swindle two men out of there money. Last night we saw the return of her Swedish Boy Toy Palve (forgive me if I’m spelling this wrong) but she totally saved him from marrying one crazy rival of Kyle’s and also a gold digger. She managed to even get the 14carat diamond ring Palve gave the girl. Kyle you have a way with men teach me your ways darling. I’m so excited for her character this season and her storyline. I wonder who her next victim is going to be.

  • Zero is getting way to clingy.

Jelena is using Zero so bad. He’s such a sucker though. He’s falling for her and to her he’s just another toy that she is playing with until Terrance forgives her. He really doesn’t know who he is sleeping with to be honest. I could see him being the one who figures out who the real Jelena is because they are so alike.


  • Who killed Olivia?
  • I think Jelena is Olivia’s daughter
  • What does that investigator really have Sloane doing at the Devil’s Arena?
  • Will Lionel get Pete back?
  • What is that secret Olivia was talking about in her note to Jelena?
  • I think Jelena killed Olivia.





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