TV Talk: Hit The Floor (Behind The Back)

BompH5FCQAAJumALast nights episode of Hit The Floor was very revealing. It hurts my hurt that Chase is in jail for Olivia’s murder and everyone knows that it wasn’t him that killed her. Even though the shovel was found in his car with his fingerprints on it, it just sucks to see him taking the wrap for a crime he didn’t commit but you know what he shouldn’t have moved her body in the first place.

  • Jelena and her scheming ways.

This girl pisses me off. Why does she constantly get away with everything she does. Last night episode the Jelena hurricane struck again and she got what she wanted. She played it so well that at the game the kiss cam would spotlight German and Asha and they would be forced to kiss. Unfortunately Derrick saw and he got jealous. 🙁 This forced Asha to go above to reassure Derrick that she was in the relationship. The only good thing that came out of this whole situation was Derrick telling Asha he loved her which absolutely wrecked my heart. I knew he loved ahhh. Anyway Jelena being the devil she is had them followed by this photographer and he snapped a couple of pictures of them and then sold it to TMZ. OOOO Jelena is such a sleaze.

  • Lionel wants Pete back.

Lionel is doing way to much to try to break up Pete and Raquel but that ship has sailed. She left him because she supposedly wanted to teach him a lesson but when he didn’t come back she felt stupid. Pete is so over and falling madly in love with Raquel. Sucks that because of Lionel and her constant scheming he is always trying to prove to Raquel that he is committed. The moment between them in last nights episode was really touching. Even after all Raquel had been threw with him she let her guard down and introduced her son to Pete. Let’s just hope he doesn’t mess it up and do something stupid.

  • I Love Kyle.

Kyle, this season is on fire. This woman is just doing her thing her week. Three episodes in and she’s managed to already to swindle two men out of there money. Last night we saw the return of her Swedish Boy Toy Palve (forgive me if I’m spelling this wrong) but she totally saved him from marrying one crazy rival of Kyle’s and also a gold digger. She managed to even get the 14carat diamond ring Palve gave the girl. Kyle you have a way with men teach me your ways darling. I’m so excited for her character this season and her storyline. I wonder who her next victim is going to be.

  • Zero is getting way to clingy.

Jelena is using Zero so bad. He’s such a sucker though. He’s falling for her and to her he’s just another toy that she is playing with until Terrance forgives her. He really doesn’t know who he is sleeping with to be honest. I could see him being the one who figures out who the real Jelena is because they are so alike.


  • Who killed Olivia?
  • I think Jelena is Olivia’s daughter
  • What does that investigator really have Sloane doing at the Devil’s Arena?
  • Will Lionel get Pete back?
  • What is that secret Olivia was talking about in her note to Jelena?
  • I think Jelena killed Olivia.





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Ending The Week With 5

This week I’ve decided to my edition of “Friday Fives.” I see so many bloggers highlighting the five most exciting finds or just random awesome things that happened to them in the past five days, so I just wanted to give you guys a little peek of how my week went. Enjoy xx ♥


 ♥ Demi Lovato- Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran Cover)

If you guys haven’t heard Demi Lovato haunting and amazing cover of Ed Sheeran’s song Give Me Love you need to drop everything and hit play. I swear I am always amazed by her vocal abilities and things she can do to a song. She completely made this song her own 🙂 Take a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed ♥


♥ Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug

Yesterday I finally got around to ordering my Mason Jar mugs off of Amazon. I can finally sip my smoothies and brewed iced tea in style. These babies were only $14.94 for a set that included 4 mugs. You can buy them by just clicking the picture.


 ♥ Piano Recital

This one isn’t really part of something that has happened during the past five days but I have been practicing and preparing for my Piano Recital tomorrow. This weekend I have my first ever Piano Recital. I’m so excited and it’s so weird that my nerves hasn’t been going crazy yet.  I’m just happy that I know all my music and I should be fine on Saturday.


♥ New Shoes Alert

I recently joined ShoeMint and I am literally obsessed with this site. Who knew shoes could be so mesmerizing lol. Anyway I accidentally ordered some wedges which I added to my cart and because I wasn’t reading carefully I hit the place order button. No Regrets here though. Check out these cuties aren’t they adorable ♥


♥ The 100: We Are Grounders Part 1

Did you guys watch Wednesday episode of The 100. WOAH is all I can say. So much happened. Finn and Clarke almost died but thank God that Lincoln came back but then no one knows what happened to him after he used himself as bait in order for Clark and Finn to make it back to camp. Finn professed his love to Clarke but she was like NO. Murphy went crazy and kidnapped Bellamy and made him tie a noose to kill himself but thank God Raven is a genius and manually opened the doors but Murphy got away. Meanwhile on the ark Jaha figured out a way to get everyone to earth by bringing the ark to earth which was such a genius plan since he was ready to give up. Whew I won’t say anymore just watch the season finale next Wednesday man xx ♥

Lincoln babe you better not be dead

Lincoln babe you better not be dead 🙁 

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TV Talk: Hit The Floor (Passing)


Last nights episode of Hit The Floor was off the chain crazy. The second episode of the season opened showing the aftermath of everyone dealing with the murder of Chase’s wife Olivia. The entire Devils atmosphere was in turmoil. Oscar was going crazy revoking everyone security clearance to avoid anyone leaking out the Devils business. Kyle caught Derek and Asha having a moment and Asha freaked out because she doesn’t want anyone finding out that she’s dating Derek Roman but to be honest I think that if Jelena who is the Devil Girls captain and also a Devil girl can date a player why can’t the other girls do the same. Pete and Asha’s father daughter relations is on the mend and growing and I love it. I’m happy that he felt that he could tell her that he was dating Raquel because they’re at a place now where they can be open and honest with each other about anything. Sadly, Pete and Raquel’s relationship might be over because of Lionel scheming with Jude (Oscar’s son) to get them to break up. Lionel doesn’t want Pete dating Raquel because she says it’s bad for her image but to be honest I think it’s more. I think she wants him back. Lionel got Jude who will literally do anything to please his father do her dirty work. All he did was place that seed of doubt into Raquel’s mind by telling her some thing about how Pete still cares about Sloane and when Asha told Raquel mistakenly that Pete and her mom slept together that sealed the deal. I really hope they can work it out because Lionel is not going to win. Pete doesn’t need to be with any of his exes. I really loved him and Raquel together. German also started his new job as assistant coach to Pete on the Devil’s team. He got his own office and everything. I could so see him giving Derek hell when he finds out that Asha is dating him. Derek is whipped, Asha told him to play nice with German and the look on his face was the most cutest and sincere facial expression ever. Ok I need a Derek Roman in my life. I can tell that he really loves her. He wants to be that attentive, caring and loving boyfriend but Asha’s like NO, not in public. I feel so bad for him. Kyle is trouble. She needs to stop swindling this rich men for the all their money. I know her husband left her to clean up his debts but karma is a bitch and sooner or later everything you do catches up to you.  This poor dude who she messes around with Teddy literally invested in her dummy project. This guy himself is stupid, all you have to do is promise him something or show him a good time and he is cutting checks like tomorrow doesn’t exist. I feel so bad for him because when he finally gets his life together he is going to realize that he was being played. Olivia’s funeral was funeral was just crazy. Jelena turned a somber event into a joke. Jelena gave the eulogy but during her eulogy she started to laugh which was so disrespect. Thank goodness Zero spoke up on her behalf before Chase blew up on her but if you watched last nights episode it was all an act she wasn’t mourning and Zero is complete bullshit artist. He talks a good game but his actions are very questionable like him and Jelena having sex after Olivia’s funeral at the church in the confessional. Jelena needs to be stopped and Zero and his antics and way with words is just killing me OMG!! The last two scenes of last nights episode really made me mad. Jelena finally got the ammunition she needed to take down Asha (she found out Asha is dating Derek) I love her character don’t get me wrong but omg she is so heartless and so fixated on being in control and having power over people. Poor Chase got framed for murdering his wife Olivia. Chase getting arrested just threw me off I didn’t expect it at all and when Oscar smirked I saw guilty all over his face. OMG what on earth is going on, on this show. It’s so crazy but I can’t get enough of it.  This episode left me thinking way to hard and  asking myself these two questions “Who in the Devil’s stadium killed Olivia? and What did Brent mean when he told Derek he got Zero from TN for him? ” Two episodes in and this show is already explosive. I don’t think I can handle this season but you know me I’ll still be watching it.  Don’t forget to watch Hit The Floor Monday nights @ 9pm on VH1.


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TV Talk: Hit The Floor (Game Changer)

BompH5FCQAAJumAOne of my favorite shows of the summer is back and it’s hotter than ever. Last nights season 2 premiere was on fire. Asha and Derek are finally together and omg they make one hot, steamy couple this season. The only downside is that their relationship has to stay private because it’s against the rules for a Devil Girl to date one of the players. With Sloane being in charge of the Devil girls Asha has a problem but Jelena is the one that she should watch. Jelena is just out to get Sloane. I found it so funny that she went to Oscar to try to get him to fire Sloane man this girl is relentless she doesn’t stop at all. I’m excited to see what craziness this girl will be throwing at Sloane this season. Asha is now living with Kyle since she said she couldn’t live with Derek but Kyle has so much skeletons in her closet, I do think Asha would have been better off living at Derek’s. I don’t trust Kyle one bit. DRAMA entered the door and her name is Lionel who happens to be Pete’s ex wife. She has one plan up her sleeve. I could see her causing so much trouble for Sloane, the team, Pete and his relationship with Raquel. The new guy on the team Zero is HOT but I can already tell he’s a bit of a bad boy and he is there to stir up so much trouble. He’s acting like a team player now inviting Derek and Terrance to do an interview with him but he’s one who has ace up his sleeve. I wasn’t surprised when he asked Jelena out  but I could see that relationship going South already. The tension is so thick between Oscar and Chase woah I can see Chase going full on this season with trying to bring Oscar down. Oscar better watch his back. Pete made the decision to hire Asha’s ex German as an assistant coach for the Devils hmm man I can already see how this isn’t going to be easy because he’s going be so tough on Derek  this season. It is going interesting seeing them together. What made me blush is how much Derek actually loves and cares for Asha but because Asha is more concerned about her career I can already see that Derek isn’t going to like it so much. I can’t believe she almost broke up with him last but thankful Derek and his charm won her over and we got a sneak peek of Derek’s butt. I must say Mckinley Freeman has a cute butt. The episode ended with Oscar finding Chase’s wife Olivia’s body buried on the new site for the Devil’s stadium in hollywood. The biggest mystery now is finding out who killed Olivia. I mean seriously that was unexpected.  I really thought they had killed Mia but who knows because they didn’t mention her at all in last nights episode. I am so excited for this season of Hit The Floor. If you aren’t watching Hit The Floor on VH1 @9pm then you seriously need to reevaluate your life haha jk but really you need to watch it.

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TV Talk: Signed, Sealed,Delivered (The Future Me)

Signed-Sealed-Delivered-MarthaGroupLast nights episode of Signed, Sealed, Delivered was absolutely the cutest. I was given the amazing opportunity to preview last nights episode thanks to FlyByPromotions and I have to say even though it was my first time watching the show I really loved it. Signed, Sealed, Delivered follows the story and the lives of four postal officers Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman who make it their mission to deliver undeliverable mails.

    Their new challenge starts when Kimmy Cooper a post officer who also happens to be one of the participants in the Miss Special Delivery Pageant brings them this letter written by a young Ellie to Mrs. Richards. The letter was written to a Mrs. Richards on her wedding day by 7yr old Ellie to just congratulate and praise her on getting married and also telling her how beautiful and perfect she looked on her wedding day. The team of postal detectives got investigating and after searching and following a bunch of leads they ended up at this beautiful flower shop where Ellie and Bobbie worked. It was soon discovered that Ellie wrote the letter to her future self describing her perfect wedding day to Bobbie Richards. What broke my heart is that Ellie and Bobbie were so in love but Ellie’s parents wouldn’t let them married because they felt that they weren’t ready for marriage 🙁 Ellie had a spunk and determination that I loved. I loved how that letter was a reminder and kick she needed to go after what she wanted. Ellie decided to just throw caution to the wind and get that marriage license to marry Bobbie to show her parents that she and Bobbie was serious about getting married. Thank God after a lot of convincing, her parents finally came around and Ellie was given her perfect wedding with the lights, flowers and stars just like her parents’ wedding.

Another great message this episode had was the message of staying true to thine own self, standing firm and not letting anyone bully or intimidate you into not going after the things you want. Rita who was a very shy woman decided to enter the Miss Special Delivery Pageant and even though she was faced with so many obstacles from Kimmy and her new supervisor she rose above it all. I loved that even after Shane gave her a stunning makeover and some cool pageant tips she decided to just revert to her original everyday look and self because she believed “If they see the new me, they won’t see the real me.”  In the end she conquered it all and even if they didn’t really show it in the episode she won. She didn’t let the pressure from her competition squash her, instead she came out on top stronger than ever. I was really surprised by this show. I only Hallmark for their movies but this show definitely intrigued me. I love how they make the impossible possible in this show. It really opens your mind and gets you thinking about areas in your life where you need to let go of the norm and be you. This show is definitely worth watching and even though I started from episode 6 I am definitely going to be starting this series from the beginning 🙂 Signed, Sealed, Delivered shows on Sunday nights on the Hallmark Channel @8pm on Sunday nights xx<3

Fun Fact:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered  incorporates scripture in its themes and in the conversations between characters.  In FACT, The American Bible Society has built a bible study to go with the series,
Sign up for that here: and you can sign up and enjoy  The Bible Reading Experience for free for a week.
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