Ending The Week With 5

This week I’ve decided to my edition of “Friday Fives.” I see so many bloggers highlighting the five most exciting finds or just random awesome things that happened to them in the past five days, so I just wanted to give you guys a little peek of how my week went. Enjoy xx ♥


 ♥ Demi Lovato- Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran Cover)

If you guys haven’t heard Demi Lovato haunting and amazing cover of Ed Sheeran’s song Give Me Love you need to drop everything and hit play. I swear I am always amazed by her vocal abilities and things she can do to a song. She completely made this song her own 🙂 Take a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed ♥


♥ Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug

Yesterday I finally got around to ordering my Mason Jar mugs off of Amazon. I can finally sip my smoothies and brewed iced tea in style. These babies were only $14.94 for a set that included 4 mugs. You can buy them by just clicking the picture.


 ♥ Piano Recital

This one isn’t really part of something that has happened during the past five days but I have been practicing and preparing for my Piano Recital tomorrow. This weekend I have my first ever Piano Recital. I’m so excited and it’s so weird that my nerves hasn’t been going crazy yet.  I’m just happy that I know all my music and I should be fine on Saturday.


♥ New Shoes Alert

I recently joined ShoeMint and I am literally obsessed with this site. Who knew shoes could be so mesmerizing lol. Anyway I accidentally ordered some wedges which I added to my cart and because I wasn’t reading carefully I hit the place order button. No Regrets here though. Check out these cuties aren’t they adorable ♥


♥ The 100: We Are Grounders Part 1

Did you guys watch Wednesday episode of The 100. WOAH is all I can say. So much happened. Finn and Clarke almost died but thank God that Lincoln came back but then no one knows what happened to him after he used himself as bait in order for Clark and Finn to make it back to camp. Finn professed his love to Clarke but she was like NO. Murphy went crazy and kidnapped Bellamy and made him tie a noose to kill himself but thank God Raven is a genius and manually opened the doors but Murphy got away. Meanwhile on the ark Jaha figured out a way to get everyone to earth by bringing the ark to earth which was such a genius plan since he was ready to give up. Whew I won’t say anymore just watch the season finale next Wednesday man xx ♥

Lincoln babe you better not be dead

Lincoln babe you better not be dead 🙁 

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TV Talk: The 100 (I Am Become Death)


Last nights episode of The 100 was one that had me at the edge of my seat. With every approaching scene I was so afraid to see what was going to happen next. The episode opened with Clarke,Bellamy,Raven and others checking out the crash site of what was suppose to be the exodus. I personally think it had to be another ship or part of the ark. It was such a gruesome scene to look at with dead body parts and burnt corpse. Yuck!!! Later on that night Murphy returned half beaten and bloody and hers the kicker the Grounders kidnapped him, tortured him, questioned him and then sent him back to his camp with some type of biological virus. This virus almost wiped out the entire camp. Almost everyone got sick even Clarke and Bellamy. I was like omg Bellamy better not die. Murphy was so nice and attentive to the sick. He was helping and just being a completely different Murphy. It almost made me believed he had changed. But boy was everyone wrong for letting that little hot head back into the camp. During this time Octavia snuck out to see Lincoln to find out about a cure for this virus but unfortunately she came back with news that not only that their wasn’t a cure but the Grounders planned to use the weakness of the camp to attack them.The craziest sort of most epic part of last nights episode was when Raven built the bomb to blow up the bridge so that the Grounders couldn’t get across to attack their camp in it’s weakened state. Thankfully their plan worked out and almost everyone made it out alive. In this episode we also witnessed the sad break up of Lincoln and Octavia aka Linctavia. Lincoln was willing to sacrifice everything for Octavia but Octavia being the girl that she is just couldn’t walk away. So Lincoln left on his own but I really hope we him again in the near future. This episode was just the beginning of all the craziness that is about to start happening. What I would like to know is what is going on up at the ark? Who are these Mountain Men? Who are these other people that tried to wipe out the Grounders once before? What happened to the Exodus? What is Murphy really up to? There is only three more episodes left until the season finale!! Man I can’t wait. If you love The 100 as much as I do don’t forget to watch every Wednesday @ 9pm on The CW


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TV Talk: The 100


Wednesday nights episode of The 100 was one of the wildest most barbaric episodes yet. In the episode entitled Murphy’s Law totally had the theme of “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” After it was discovered that Wells was murdered the group first thought that he was murdered by “The Grounders.” Clarke then realized that it was someone in the group that murdered him and all hell broke loose. Bellamy told her to not alert the others but because of who she is, she just had to open her big mouth and rile up the others. Murphy of course became everyone’s first suspect and they almost killed him to but Charlotte confessed to killing him. This little girl really pissed me of though. She took what Bellamy told her (slay your demons) the wrong way and caused so much turmoil. This is why you don’t give kids weapons even in post apocalyptic times. After her little confession hot head Murphy set out on a manhunt to find and kill her because he wanted “revenge”. The thing he failed to realize that she was just a child and his little manhunt caused Charlotte to take her own life in order to save Bellamy and Clarke. If she didn’t do that Murphy probably would have killed Bellamy and Clarke just to publicly kill Charlotte just like he was publicly humiliated. His actions later caused him to be banish from the group and to live a life in the wilderness on his own but he’ll survive that boy is a survivor. While all that craziness was going on down on earth, up in space on the ark Clarke’s mom Abby’s plan of getting to earth was shattered after Kane started to pry into her dealings and one of the women she traded with ratted her out to that power hinge fool Kane. Thankful though Raven was able to get the pod up and running and launched it to earth. Ahh so that means one more person is coming to earth but I can see this as being a problem since Clarke hooked up with her boyfriend Finn. The CW really did good with this show and I’m hopeful that it will get renewed for a full season next Fall. Don’t forget to watch The 100 on Wednesday nights after Arrow @ 9pm.


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