“Love Is” According To Rebecca

Rebecca is a newlywed and the owner of this amazing lifestyle blog called ‘Life As A Dare.” Rebecca created Life As A Dare to document her life as a chronic warrior who lives a life of simplicity, focusing on the things in life that really matter: God, Family and her friends. Rebecca made a vow to challenge herself to learn how to live in the moment and experience new possibilities in life. Life As A Dare documents Rebecca’s journey to the basics of what God’s called her to be. Back to the core values she holds most dear. Today Rebecca would love to share with you what love is and what love means to her. Enjoy ♥

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TV Talk: Jane The Virgin (Ch. 23)

Jane The VirginJane The Virgin is back!!! I swear this was the longest hiatus ever. Last season, if you remember Jane The Virgin ended the season with one of the biggest cliffhangers. (Jane’s baby was kidnapped) The season opened up with Jane and Rafael sitting in her hospital room going through pictures on their phone for the birthing announcement. In comes the “actual” nurse who announces she’s here to take Mateo for his hearing test. The only thing is Mateo already left with another nurse for the same test. After talking with the nurse, they realized that Mateo has in fact been kidnapped and Jane officially goes into panic mood but not in any normal way like omg my child has been kidnapped what do I do mood. Jane surprisingly held it together even though she was freaking out in her own little way. I had to laugh a bit seeing how Jane was so concerned about the schedule she had set in place for Mateo and if she didn’t get him back he would miss a feeding and diaper change. Somewhere in a bar Michael is drinking his sorrows away when he gets a call from Sin Rostro that she has kidnapped Mateo and wants to trade him for this brooch, which we later found out from Nadine has all the identities of all the criminals Sin Rostro helped changed their identities. I was actually so mad that Sin Rostro kidnapped a new-born baby for a damn piece of jewelry. How stupid right? Anyway long story short Michael, Rafael and Jane all teamed up to find the brooch that apparently Luisa had. I swear Luisa needs to get over Rose. Once they found the brooch that ended up in the pool filter they made the trade and Mateo was finally returned to Jane & Rafael. Once all the craziness from the kidnapping died down we actually got to witness Michael being the bigger man. I am Team Rafael, but last night’s episode almost tempted me to switch sides until Michael called someone a told them to inform Nadine to ditch her phone. Michael really doesn’t think at all. He just acts. View Post

“Love Is” According To Alexandra

Alexandra is the owner of this cute little lifestyle blog called Tiger Lilly. Alexandra calls Tiger Lilly her creative outlet. She shares only her favorite things with her readers and if you’re looking for a creative outlet she offers some really cute DIY tips and she’s really great at giving some important life advice. Today, Alexandra of Tiger Lilly would love to share with you love is and what it means to her. Enjoy ♥

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The Love Is Series

Today I am kicking off my new “Love Is” series. A series, where I’m giving you, my readers the chance to tell me what love means to you. Over the next couple of days, you will be able to dive deeper into other people’s thoughts on what they think love is. I’m so excited to share this new series with you all.

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It’s FriYay!

FriYayHappy FriYAY guys!! I can’t believe we’ve made it through yet another week. Honestly, I can proudly say I am so proud of myself. I blogged a total of three times this week and that for me is pretty huge since I blog once a week or every other week. My week was pretty amazing. I got that new job I was interviewed for last Saturday, which means I get to go shopping and buy some new work clothes. Since, I’m also a nanny I had the longest weekend ever Friday-Tuesday, thanks to the Jewish holiday. Another fun thing that happened this week was my internship interview with the CEO of the company. I was really nervous, but I think I did a pretty amazing job; he was very impressed with how much I knew and what I could do. So I’m hoping to hear back from then anytime soon. Other than that, the rest of my week was really quiet. My dad continues to make my day with our crazy phone conversations and my niece’s blog that I helped her launch is starting to come together so wonderfully. So, guys how was your week? Anything cool and fun happened this week? I would love to know but before you go, check out some of my favorite things that I loved about this week.


Curved Arrows Cuff BraceletA couple of weeks ago, I found this amazing jewelry company and I am literally in love with all their pieces. I love that they have pieces for almost every occasion. The best thing about Shinymix is that whenever you buy a piece of jewelry from them, once you refer a friend either by email or on Facebook, you get 20% off you next purchase. They also have other cool promos going on like this week they are offering 25% off all rings and bracelets with the promo code “Week2” and I just had to buy something else from them that’s should be arriving in the mail soon. This company is so amazing and you really won’t be disappointed because you get good quality jewelry for a very inexpensive price. View Post