Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect!

Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect!

I decided to write this on my wrist because yesterday was the day to raise awareness for the prevention of suicide. I wrote on my wrist because this particular place is the one part of the body that many girls cut. In today’s society it is hard with all the images and all the expectations of who we are suppose to be and look as young girls and women. We just have to remember that we are all loved if not by a bunch of people we are loved my at least one person and to me that is enough. We as young girls and women have to be advocates for broken young girls and women who feel like they aren’t good enough. We have to remind them that they are important. We have to do this everyday not just one day a year. So just remember “To Write Love on Her Arms” and show her that you care and love her.


It is such a simple word yet the action has so much profound and life changing outcomes. Forgiving someone is not as easy. It is one of the most difficult tasks that many of us (including me) can’t do. Learning to forgive someone is a daily commitment. You have to learn to just clear your mind of all the negativity and most importantly cleanse your heart of any ill feelings or doubts towards that person who has wronged you. A lot of people talk about wanting to move forward in their lives but we can’t fully move on if we don’t have a forgiving heart. We tend to dwell on a lot of things especially when someone does something to you. From personal experience I am currently dwelling on a situation in my life and I can’t seem to let go. The one thing I have seemed to do is just remain humble and not act on the situation. Thoughts run through my mind about how I can get revenge on this person or what I can say or do to this person so I can hurt them like they hurt me. The one thing that is keeping me sane and humble is that I know that God has a plan for me in my near future and I don’t want to mess it up by being vengeful because someone has done something to me. The next step in the process is to forgive and forget. A lot of people say you can forgive the person but you don’t have to forget what they have done to you. I do believe that you can’t forget but I think you can put it behind you because if you want to forgiving you have to forgive and put that particular situation behind you (forget about it but also learn from it to avoid it happening in the future.) I love that God is a merciful and forgiving God because somedays I really don’t know where I would be or how I would act if I didn’t try my best to just put a lot of stuff that go on behind me. Forgiveness is hard but it is the key to a better life. Forgiving someone is like a breath of fresh air, a new day or a new experience. In the end you feel like a new person or like a huge weight has been lifted off your chest and you can finally breathe again. Forgiveness is also the key to love. You can’t claim to love someone but not have a forgiving and merciful heart because every time that person does something wrong you will hold it against them and it will eventually wreck a relationship, family or friendship.So take the act of forgiving some one as a daily commitment. Take your time, sit down and just have a chat with the person you need to forgive. Never let a crazy situation mess up your path in life. Open your heart again learn to forgive. 

Allow God to work in your heart and never hold onto things #forgiveness

My September Music Obsession!!

My September Music Obsession!!

I have been on the hunt for new music. When I say new music I mean I am looking for music by artists who a lot of people haven’t heard of or their music doesn’t get overplayed on the radio but is still amazing. I found this fresh new band well not really new but this is their debut EP entitled “Frank + Derol.” I absolutely love listening to fresh new voices and just listening to what they are doing with their vocals and how they are just making a very popular genre their own. It’s so cool how artists can just add a funky new fresh sound to a popular genre and that is what they did. The duo Frank + Derol is actually Brandi Cyrus and her friend Codi Caraco. And yes they are talented, they can sing and the music is amazing. It is the perfect music for all occasions. I absolutely love this EP which you can listen to for free on Spotify and if you want to buy it you can purchase it on Itunes for only $3.96. My two favorite songs at the moment from the EP is Let Go and Apparition. If you listen to it what is your favorite song on the EP at the moment. Leave your comments below and also other great music suggestions. 🙂

My first time making a Paleo Recipe

So today I decided to make “The Hearty Paleo Juice.” Since I didn’t have a juicer or that mesh thing to separate the juice from a pulp I used my food processor to grind it up and then to get it a bit finer I used my hand blender. So first let me direct you to the recipe I used and also tweaked. Here is the original recipe here and this is how I tweaked Amazing Paleo recipe below:

  • Two Beets
  • One Large Carrot
  • Two Large Apples
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches

What I did:

  • I washed each vegetable and fruit with hot water.
  • I then scrubbed the dirt off of the beet and cut of the stem and the edges.
  • I then filled a pot with water and covered the beets with the water and boiled the beets for about 30-45 mins.
  • After the water was boiled I poured cold water over the beets then I peeled off the skin with my hands
  • I then cut up my fruits and vegetables into small pieces food processed and hand blended it.
  • I then added organic apple juice to just stretch it so my family could have enjoyed it too.

So here you go this is my version of Amazing Paleo Hearty Juice


Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – “Lilac Wine”

Today Miley relaunched her website and with that relaunch she also gave us a sneak peak into her “Backyard Sessions.” If you are a fan of hers you would have seen her posting pictures during the beginning of the summer of her band, a backyard, you would have also been reading tweets about her working on some music, etc. So today she finally gave us a a video of her singing Lilac Wine originally sung and written by Jeff Buckley. This song proves that our girl Miley has finally found her voice. She is truly an “old soul.” I love how she just sang this song with all that she had and made it so soulful. This song proves that she has grown vocally, physically and also she has finally become comfortable with herself. I love how she totally just captures ever single emotion of this song while singing it not many artist can do that. She has proven that she can sing hear and I really hope that she does some original songs like this.