14 Days Of Love: Why Being Single Is Okay + 5 Reasons To Love Yourself

Valentine’s day is coming soon. That means all shops will be overflowing with hearts, chocolate and pink stuff. That’s great for couples, but if you’re single it’s just a reminder you currently don’t have anyone. Is that bad? Not at all!

Lets get this clear; Being single doesn’t mean you’re worth any less than the people who are in a relationship. It doesn’t mean you’re less attractive or less awesome. It just means you’re not in a relationship. So now lets move onto something way more interesting than your relationship status which is: You!

Being single comes with a certain amount of freedom you wouldn’t otherwise have. You get to find out more about yourself and you can choose your own path without being influenced by the needs of others. It also comes with a great opportunity: You get to love yourself a little more, before you let someone else love you. Need some convincing to start loving yourself? Here are 5 reasons to do just that.

5 Reasons To

  1. There is only one of you

Sounds a little cheesy doesn’t it? The truth remains the same though: There is only one of you on this planet and that makes you absolutely amazing. It also makes you something to be cherished. Something unique.

  1. You have the power

Think of a goal you really want to reach and now imagine reaching that goal. The only person who is capable of getting you there is you. You have all the power in the world right at your fingertips, and sure some things might take time, but without your own effort nothing is ever going to happen.

  1. You are worthy

This is something not many people realize about themselves. The problem with this way of thinking is that a. people usually get stuck in a rut if they think they’re worthless and b. It’s very, very wrong. No one is worthless. Ever. You are worthy of every single good thing in your life and none of the bad.

  1. It’s okay to be different

We live in a judgemental world with a society that tries to push people to just act normal, be normal, stay normal. What is normal though? How do we define normal? Is anyone even normal? Fun fact: Because society keeps changing, so do the rules of what is considered normal. Some things that were normal decades ago get you labelled as a loony right now. That means that no matter it’s impossible to actually be “normal,” since normal is an ever-changing view. Just let normal go and be yourself.

  1. You are allowed to fail

Ever felt extreme pressure due to work or school or even your family, because they kept pushing you to do what they wanted you to do? Here’s something you should know: You are allowed to fail, just as you’re allowed to say no to some things. Only do things if you think they’re worth your time and effort, and once you do them don’t be afraid to fail.

The key take away from this post? It’s completely okay to be single and to show yourself some love!




How To Write Love Notes… To Yourself

On the 12th day Guest Blogger Nina Kavanagh of FIXLIPS  shares “How To Write Love Notes…To Yourself” ♥


Close up of my present situation:

Bundled up in a hospital bed dosed up on Valium, right arm elevated at a 45-degree angle and stabilized from both sides. Half of my face is droopy from the nerve block, and I’m pretty sure I am regretting several hangovers that are completely unrelated to my current state. All in all, I am pretty much a 100% match to the person your logic tells you (or at least should be telling you) not to take any advice from. So just keep going about your day, all right. Walk away slowly and don’t make any sudden movements. I am the creepy dude in the candy truck with bunnies at home – you know the one, your mother should have warned you about me. If not, fire her; she’s not doing her job.

If you haven’t noticed, anesthesia does weird things with the head. Flying pegacorns are real, people! (I just included “pegacorn” into my spell check dictionary. Definition of winning at life, okay. Get on my level.) I probably should have been careful doing that lift last week in ballet, since I am definitely not coordinated enough for that type of magic. Alas, that is why I am in the hospital. Shoulder injury and all…

As I type arduously with my left hand, I am painfully aware that the nurse is giving me the crazy eye from across the room. It is without a doubt deserved. Apparently I tried to get up and dance while waking up, something I’m not sure if I remember. I do a lot of uncalled-for dancing in the dumbest of situations, so it sounds like me. Not all that out of character, I don’t think. View Post

14 Days Of Love: The Greatest Love Of All

On the 11th day I bring you “The Greatest Love of All” written by one of my dearest friends Amanda Ramirez ♥ Enjoy 


I have learned (and continue to learn) what it means to love SELF. With that knowledge, I have learned what it means to love another. I love myself, and I try to accept every piece of myself, everyday. Love is about acceptance. I am no perfect being, but I strive to be the best ME that I can be. Along my journey, I have realized that those who do not accept themselves, have a hard time loving, period. They can’t love themselves, which in turn makes it difficult to truly love another. I have been there and plan to never go back. 

Another important lesson I have learned about love, is that love is KIND and kindness starts with the way we treat ourselves. How we treat others, is only a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. I have experienced both friendships and relationships where I was treated poorly because of how those individuals felt about themselves. Because I love myself, I chose to remove myself from those relationships. Like I said, love is kindness and for someone to treat you other than kind only is a reflection of self.

Within the last couple of years, I have been so blessed to experience one of the healthiest relationships one could ever experience. My relationship is a reflection of myself and of my boyfriend. Our relationship is secure because we as individuals are secure.Jealousy has no home in a place where security thrives” (realist thing I have ever come up with).

I firmly believe that my relationship is healthy because of the love I have for myself, and because of the love my boyfriend has for his self. Love of self allows us to love in a way that some may never experience because of lack of self-love. Self love is so powerful, you have to feel it to believe it! Our relationship is healthy, but do not confuse that with perfection. In my eyes, my relationship is greatness, pretty much perfect. However, perfection is perception. I perceive my relationship to be just that. Occasionally, I fight with my significant other, but we always communicate and forgive one another (forgiveness is key). We learn from our disagreements and we GROW. Love is about growth, and I TELL YA, WE ARE GROWING! I am so happy and excited about all of the growth that is happening, and that will continue to happen. I am not about depending on another individual for my own happiness, because NEWS FLASH, if ya did not know already, YOU provide your own happiness, but it is pretty fantastic to share happiness with someone else. I mean, honestly, that is probably one of the greatest feelings in this world. 


14 Days Of Love: An Unexpected Love

On the 10th day I bring you a story from one of my closest friends Christina Rivera. Today she’s sharing her story of how she  unexpectedly found love ♥ Thanks so much Christina for contributing an article 🙂


Love. What is your true definition of the word love? Is love just a word you say to someone you are together with? When you are telling someone you love him or her are you just saying it just to say it because you feel obligated to or do you feel it? For a while I have been trying to search for the meaning of love myself because I couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of the word itself. Well maybe I knew what love was and the people who I chose to be with did not know the definition of love. Well scratch that because if I knew the definition of love then I probably would not have allowed half the stuff that happened in my past relationships, but I guess you have to learn on your own and allow your heart to break so that someone else who truly loves you can come and pick up the pieces. To be honest after being in many relationships that have failed I almost had given up on love until I heard the song Dear No One by Tori Kelly. View Post

14 Days of Love: The Power of Love

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren Douglass, from The Arizona Prepster! I am a college sophomore at Arizona State University and I’m very excited to share my story of love with you! First, some background. I’m 19 years old, originally from sunny Southern California and have been in my relationship for almost two years now {it’ll be on 3/9 so next month!!!}. I’ve suffered from depression, anorexia and anxiety {I stll suffer from anxiety} and have come a long way from where I used to be and love is the reason why! So let me tell you about it!

I met my boyfriend Matthew when I was at my lowest point. I didn’t really care about my grades or myself. I don’t think he knew I was single so he ended up with someone else {to my dismay}. That didn’t mean the end of our friendship though; he still helped me see the better side of myself. He helped me eat more often and made sure my happiness came before his own. I liked him {okay maybe more than liked him} but I would never step in between a relationship. So I started dating my {now} ex. I liked him and he made me happy but I never stopped talking to Matt. He was the one who truly made me feel loved. By my senior year I was happier {even though I had gotten dumped the day before ID pictures} and I enjoyed my life more. Fast forward through two more rounds with said ex, Matt and I were FINALLY single at the same time and that’s when….the kiss happened! It came as a total shock; I had no idea he liked me like that and just being kissed out of nowhere was crazy! My mind was swirling and then he asked “Will you give me the honor of being your boyfriend” {swoon!!! I STILL swoon over that question}. So March 9, 2013 I became his girlfriend and we’re two years strong living happily in Phoenix, Arizona with a cat.

Many would probably read this and say that I don’t need validation from him, that I need to love myself. I do, and it took me until writing this post to realize that I truly do love myself. I don’t love him and hate myself; you can’t do that. All he did was help me up out of the dark hole and was there to catch me when I stumble. He was a friend when I needed one, a real one. He wasn’t afraid to get stern when I became stubborn. We became best friends and we still are! He knew how much music impacts me and he “dedicated” the Rascal Flatts song I Won’t Let Go to me. Whenever I felt low he would play that song for me. I wouldn’t be where I am without his support and he wouldn’t still be the kind man he is without the happiness I bring to his life. We compliment each other’s strengths and constructively point out each other’s weakness. We build, not tear down.

Love is life changing and life-saving. Whether it’s self-love, friend love or relationship love everybody needs some love in their life. Many become cynical because they have no romantic partner to love {or spoil them} on Valentine’s Day. Do you have friends? Family? You have people who love you and that’s what should be celebrated on February 14; love! Going through this high school experience has taught me that love will come on its own time and {as cliché as this is about to sound} if it’s meant to be, it will happen. Trust me I used to not believe that but it’s true.

You are beautiful and worth the fullest of love! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Lauren Douglas | The Arizona Prepster

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