Four New Fall TV Shows I’m Excited For

Fall TV is back this week and I’m so excited to finally have something to watch. I have a confession guys, I watch way to much TV and my favorite Fall shows are life lol haha! A lot of my favorites are returning this week like This Is Us, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mick, Scorpion, Empire, Star, Modern Family, Chicago PD & Fire and Designated Survivor. Lol you’re probably saying by now okay this girl doesn’t have a life lol. I swear my days are booked between days at work or doing my internship. So once 8pm rolls around, I settle down in front the TV with some dinner and just decompress by watching TV. It’s so therapeutic guys lol  well in my own little way of course. Besides, the retuning shows there are some new ones that I would love to add to my list of favorite TV shows premiering this fall. Check out my thoughts on the 4 new Fall TV Shows I’m excited for below.
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Summer Time and My Shows

VH1-Hit-the-FloorI discovered this amazing show on VH1 this summer called Hit The Floor and honestly I can’t stop thinking about this show, it’s that good lol. It has everything in it I love about a show its sexy, the men are hot and the drama and mystery of the show is captivating and always keeps me on the edge of my seat. I normally don’t watch VH1 series because it tends to be really trashy and just not my style but this show takes the cake. It kind of reminds of Hellcats but with a lot more flare and a better storyline. The show is centered around the business of basketball and the girls who dance and represent the team.The show has some drama, where the captain of the Devil Girls Squad Jelena is a total bitch. She doesn’t no for an answer, she gets what she wants, eliminates the competition (well try) and totally defies one of the golden rules between Devil Girls and the basketball players. She is the girl you would want to be, but underneath it all there is so much insecurity  and I can’t wait and hope that during the next three episodes we see more of who she really is. There is also Asha, she is a legacy Devil Girl because her mom was an original Devil Girl. She is Jelena competition and everyone plus Jelena knows that Asha can replace her as captain. She is that fresh faced innocent girl that if isn’t careful, she can be taken advantage of but thank god that she is finally getting her head together and taking charge and not letting anyone step all over her. Adding to the drama of the show there is also some crazy behind the scenes stuff like the business with the Mia girl and why she was seen running away in the first episode, Kyle and who she owes money to and the drama with Pete and Sloane (Asha’s parents). My favorite part of the show is the Derek and Asha relationship. Asha has a boyfriend whom she loves and is completely faithful to but when she joined the Devil Girls, Derek started to pursue her which is causing a lot of drama in her relationship with German who by the way finally grew some balls too and punched out Derek on Mondays episode. Guys you need to watch this show from the first episode. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. If you love drama this is the show for you.


One of my favorites is also back this summer Teen Wolf and I am already screaming and cursing at the TV because of all the chaos these high school kids are causing. This season is a bit of mystery for me because I don’t know what to expect next. They teased all these big teasers during previews and then when you watch the episodes I’m like WTF just happened, how did this happen, I can’t wait for this to happen. This season there is a pack of alphas that are after Scott and also wants Derek to kill his pack to join the Alpha pack, there is Lydia and her terrifying screaming and visions, there is Scott possibly becoming an Alpha without even killing an Alpha and then there is this entire back story with Deucalion his rise to power and also him being hunted by an Argent back in 1977 and biting one of them. The thing that surprised me the most this season was Alison’s dad and how he just stopped hunting werewolves but I do believe that isn’t going to last to long. The most puzzling part of Teen Wolf this season is who is murdering all those people and what are they planning. Stiles thinks it’s some type of sacrifice for a big ritual someone has planned. I am just happy this season will be longer, so I can get my fix and totally understand what is going on. This season is big and if you aren’t watching Teen Wolf please get caught up. You won’t be disappointed.

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