What’s To Come on The Kiss Of Joy

After coming back home from my week-long vacation in Florida from visiting my dad and his side of the family, which was amazing I must say. I was eager to get back home to CT because I knew I had some fun and amazing packages waiting for me. I absolutely love getting new goodies in the mail so when I ordered my new business cards I couldn’t wait to rush home just to open them. My new business cards I ordered from Moo.com are amazing. I love them so much and the design totally represents my blog and its new direction. I also got my first ever Birchbox, which was everything and more I hoped it would be. My two favorite items were the Vasanti BrightenUp Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator and theBalm cosmetics Stainaic. I finished the Vasanti Face Rejuvenator but I am most definitely buying the full product. Another amazing thing that happened was I interviewed a friend recently for my new blog series launching this Fall. My new blog series “Finding Joy” is something that I’ve always wanted to do on my blog. I’ve always wanted to be able to tell someone’s story and with my new blog series “Finding Joy” launching this Fall I’m hoping to tell your story. “Finding Joy” is a way for people to get their story out, to inspire and bring hope and joy into someone’s life. “Finding Joy” tells the story of someone of someone who has been through a difficult situation but through it all they remained happy, hopeful and full of joy or they were able to find that joy in their life once again. I’m so excited to launch this series, it has been on my heart for some time and I’m so excited to see how everything comes together. Until then you guys can stay tuned for more information on “Finding Joy” and also information on how you guys can be involved. Wish me luck guys and thank you so much for reading… xoxo Besos.

Here are some pictures of my Birchbox and new Business Cards

March Giveaway (Last Day To Enter)


Hey guys, today is the last day to enter to win my personalized beauty box. I am so excited to finally pick a winner and have them receive my beauty box. So far in the last 40hrs we have about 393 people who entered my giveaway!!! I’m so confident that we can get to 400 total entries. I would like to thank all you guys for entering and following all the required guidelines. So on this last day please spread the word and get people to enter my Beauty Box giveaway. The beauty box will be filled with tons of surprises and cool stuff you can use everyday. I’m confident who ever receives my personalized beauty box will love it. Happy Friday guys and have an amazing weekend. Click on the link below or picture to enter  xx❤️

Enter to Win Beauty Box

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March Giveaway❤️

Hey guys I’m just sending out a reminder that my giveaway is still going on. You all have 17 more days left to enter to win my personalized Beauty Box filled with all my favorite beauty products. Products will include things like lipgloss, teas,perfumes,etc. I hope you guys are excited as I am about this Beauty Box Giveaway. Also along with the beauty products I will also write some words of encouragement,inspiration and motivation to the winner. So please enter by clicking the link below and don’t forget to complete all steps and most importantly tell your friends. I can’t wait to chose the winner in 17 days. Good Luck!!! xx❤️

Enter Beauty Giveaway To Win My Personalized Beauty Box