Movie Discovery “Beyond the Blackboard”


Tonight, I sat down and watched probably the most influential movie in my life. I am a sucker for movies where a teacher comes in and makes a difference and all that jazz but this time this movie gave me a whole new perspective on just things and decisions in my life. I watched Beyond the Blackboard tonight and i know this is probably the most cliche expression ever but “my life was changed, decisions became clearer and my I feel renewed and motivated again which I haven’t been feeling at all. The movie started with a young girl who was fascinated with the idea of going to school and loving every aspect of school and being educated. All she ever wanted to become was a teacher and despite her obstacles, (getting pregnant at 16 and dropping out of school) she stayed motivated and determined to finish school and follow her dreams. The movie told the true story of the life of Stacey Bess and how just one person who got a job at a nameless school for homeless students, (her first teaching job) impacted her life, her family, the homeless kids, their parents and the superintendent of the school district. Her actions, her motivation, her love and her commitment was all these kids needed. They needed someone to believe in them and she was the light that came into their lives at just the right time. Children are most influenced at a very young age and when she came into their lives, even though some of them already went through a lot of hardships, her love was the beacon of hope they needed. The little money she made, she took it and bought cleaning supplies, paint, school supplies, plants,etc and she made that little classroom in the shelter the best damn classroom these kids have ever been to. She taught in a very unconventional way because she had a class that had kids that ranged from the grades 1-6. I would say that these kids probably after all the teaching they received could probably been more advanced than someone for their age (that’s how good she was). Her teaching style was very interactive. It catered to each and every child’s needs in the shelter. Throughout the movie you saw once hopeless kids slowly regain hope and the little lights that kids are suppose to have started to flicker again. This movie made me cry a lot, laugh a lot and also think a lot. I love inspirational true stories like this. It shows that inspiring and impacting people’s lives has nothing to do with being rich or having the world of resources at your fingertips. You don’t have to be rich to make a change. All it takes is a bit of love, faith, support, a plan and motivation to follow your dreams and be that beacon of hope for someone. Love changes everything. Here is the full version of the movie below, it is definitely a must watch.


Visit Stacey Bess website and can read up on her life and also there is a link that you can click to find out how you can help.