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FriYayHappy Friday guys!! I can’t believe how fast this week went by. My week was actually pretty amazing. Sorry, I haven’t been blogging that much recently due to the fact that I just started a new semester of classes that are extremely hard and I’m also working about a list of blog posts and a new “Love Is” series; that I plan on sharing with you guys towards the ending of September into October. Life has been pretty insane in a good way lately. I started eating healthy this week to better my mind, body, and soul. I’m also interviewing for this job at this Inn and Spa this weekend and I’m in the second round of interviews for this internship I would really love to get. So, Guys, I need all your positive vibes and blessings that I get this new job and internship. Even though I’ve been super busy lately I just wanted to come on here and touch base, say hi and share with you guys some of my favorite things that I’ve been loving recently.

♥Demi Lovato’s cover of Hozier “Take Me To Church”

This cover blew me away. Demi has been one of my favorite vocalists since her “Don’t Forget” days. Honestly, I got chills just listening to this cover. Guys, Demi has some serious pipes. When she sings like this, it makes me so excited for her new album Confident that will be out on October 16th. Take a listen you won’t be disappointed. I promise.

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Ending The Week With 5

This week I’ve decided to my edition of “Friday Fives.” I see so many bloggers highlighting the five most exciting finds or just random awesome things that happened to them in the past five days, so I just wanted to give you guys a little peek of how my week went. Enjoy xx ♥


 ♥ Demi Lovato- Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran Cover)

If you guys haven’t heard Demi Lovato haunting and amazing cover of Ed Sheeran’s song Give Me Love you need to drop everything and hit play. I swear I am always amazed by her vocal abilities and things she can do to a song. She completely made this song her own 🙂 Take a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed ♥


♥ Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug

Yesterday I finally got around to ordering my Mason Jar mugs off of Amazon. I can finally sip my smoothies and brewed iced tea in style. These babies were only $14.94 for a set that included 4 mugs. You can buy them by just clicking the picture.


 ♥ Piano Recital

This one isn’t really part of something that has happened during the past five days but I have been practicing and preparing for my Piano Recital tomorrow. This weekend I have my first ever Piano Recital. I’m so excited and it’s so weird that my nerves hasn’t been going crazy yet.  I’m just happy that I know all my music and I should be fine on Saturday.


♥ New Shoes Alert

I recently joined ShoeMint and I am literally obsessed with this site. Who knew shoes could be so mesmerizing lol. Anyway I accidentally ordered some wedges which I added to my cart and because I wasn’t reading carefully I hit the place order button. No Regrets here though. Check out these cuties aren’t they adorable ♥


♥ The 100: We Are Grounders Part 1

Did you guys watch Wednesday episode of The 100. WOAH is all I can say. So much happened. Finn and Clarke almost died but thank God that Lincoln came back but then no one knows what happened to him after he used himself as bait in order for Clark and Finn to make it back to camp. Finn professed his love to Clarke but she was like NO. Murphy went crazy and kidnapped Bellamy and made him tie a noose to kill himself but thank God Raven is a genius and manually opened the doors but Murphy got away. Meanwhile on the ark Jaha figured out a way to get everyone to earth by bringing the ark to earth which was such a genius plan since he was ready to give up. Whew I won’t say anymore just watch the season finale next Wednesday man xx ♥

Lincoln babe you better not be dead

Lincoln babe you better not be dead 🙁 

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March Giveaway (Last Day To Enter)


Hey guys, today is the last day to enter to win my personalized beauty box. I am so excited to finally pick a winner and have them receive my beauty box. So far in the last 40hrs we have about 393 people who entered my giveaway!!! I’m so confident that we can get to 400 total entries. I would like to thank all you guys for entering and following all the required guidelines. So on this last day please spread the word and get people to enter my Beauty Box giveaway. The beauty box will be filled with tons of surprises and cool stuff you can use everyday. I’m confident who ever receives my personalized beauty box will love it. Happy Friday guys and have an amazing weekend. Click on the link below or picture to enter  xx❤️

Enter to Win Beauty Box

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook♥

This year’s Valentine’s Day lookbook is heavily inspired by the fashion and style of people from Tumblr with a little bit of my style flowing through it. I decided to put together three cute little outfits on Polyvore just to give you an idea of what you can wear today or tonight on your date. Ladies FYI you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s day. If you’re single call up some of your friends, get dressed up and hit the town and just have a night of fun. Valentine’s Day is a day of love so celebrate it with those you love 🙂 xoxo!!! Here are my three outfit choices/ideas hope you guys like/love them.


I would love to hear your feedback so don’t forget to comment below xoxo 

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