As A Future Parent

banner6Recently I’ve been thinking about my future. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about becoming a parent and what this means. I’ve been thinking about what type of parent I would be and what type of relationship I would want to have with my children. I’m 23yrs old and even though I’m not ready to explore that journey yet, it’s something I would to experience on day be it naturally or adoption. I’ve also been thinking about things as a parent I want to make sure my kids know. As a future parent I want my kids to know that they matter and that they come first above all. I never want them to feel inadequate. As a future parent I want my children to know that they’re beautiful. This is something I want my kids to know daily. I never want them to feel ugly or even think that they’re ugly. I want to motivate them and strengthen their confidence and belief in themselves with uplifting words. As a future parent I want my actions to reflect how much I love my children. I want to be able to love my children equally and for them to share that same love and affection for my husband and myself. As a future parent I want to be able to encourage my children to pursue their hearts desire. I want to be that type of parent who pushes her kids out of their comfort zones. As I future parent, I want to get to know my kids. I want my children to be able to come to me openly about anything in their life. As a future parent I want my children to be open to criticism and be able to accept advice. As a future parent, I also want to be able to constructively discipline my children. I want to raise them up with strong values and principles. I want them to know that being genuine, honest, nice and respectful is important and it carries you far. As a future parent, I want to teach them the importance of hard work. I want them to know how important it is to be responsible. I want them to know that every action has a reaction and also a consequence. As a future parent, I want my kids to know that they have a voice. I want them to know that I am listening. I want them to know that I support them and love them. As a future parent, I want my kids to know the importance of family and friends. I want them to know that family no matter what always comes first. I want my kids to love themselves and others, cherish the people in their lives and always look forward to the good things in life and see the good in people. As a future parent, I have all these hopes, dreams and love for these tiny beings I haven’t even met yet. I believe that being a parent is the greatest gift of all and I can’t wait to be one.

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Food That Nourishes My Soul


As I sit here tonight I just started thinking about life and how stressed I get at times due to where I am in life. I ‘m in college studying Public Relations and sometimes I feel like it’s taking me forever to finish school and life is just going by so fast. Sometimes I get really frustrated to the point where I stress and sometimes feel a little depressed that I’m not doing more. It’s crazy and I really feeling this way. I don’t really know if anyone can relate to this feeling but sometimes I feel like I’m stuck and life at the moment is stagnant. Honestly I hate feeling this way and sometimes I honestly have to sit down and check myself because if I don’t these feelings and emotions can just overtake my being. I constantly have to remind myself and tell myself that “You Are EXACTLY where you are meant to be. Trust Life” and that is exactly what I strive to do daily. It’s hard; but I know one day that everything I am working on now and working towards will reap some big rewards.

A Girl Can Dream If She Wants

My Dream Office

One of my wishes and dreams in life is to have my own little fancy office be it at home or at some fancy job I hope to have in my near future. I swear I spend hours upon hours just looking on Tumblr and Pinterest for the perfect office design and also little design tidbits here and there. I have it my dream office design and deco all planned out. I know how my home office will look like and what my office at work will look like. I have to confess my obsession with office deco started when one of my favorite fashion/beauty bloggers Dulce Candy YouTubed a tour of her home office and I feel in love with the idea and concept of having a home office and a work office. You can check out her video (here). Today I wanted to share with you guys some of the offices I would love to draw inspiration from. All images are taken from either Pinterest or Tumblr (I own nothing). Hope you guys love my selections and I would love to hear/see what your dream office will look like. (P.S. Click on the pictures to see my little thoughts on each space) xx Besos ❤️

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Hope you guys loved my office selections and if you want to see more you can follow me on Pinterest to see more of my selections of My Dream Office.

Bucketlist hmmm?? Dreams, Goals, Desires……


I saw this on Tumblr today and decided that this would make an awesome topic/blog post to touch on today. Everyone mentions this bucketlist  they have and I am alway amused as to what some people put on their list. Some are so outrageous and then some are like WOW kudos to you for wanting to do all of that. I’ve never thought of actually writing down the things I would love to do before I die.  My list of things that  I want to do is probably not as crazy and outrageous. I think some of the things on my list is pretty general but I still wanted to share with you my Top Ten Things I would like to do before I die.

My Bucketlist

  1. I would love to live in London and Australia
  2. I want to learn how to swim
  3. Have children
  4. I want to record a song in a real studio
  5. Plan a no budget wedding
  6. Learn to cook French cuisine
  7. Go skinny dipping
  8. Go to Egypt or Ghana
  9. Buy an expensive car
  10. Get married

So guys this is my Bucketlist, it’s not that outrageous. I have more stuff to add to it but this is it for now. What i want to know is what’s on your bucketlist or what is your dreams, goals and aspirations. Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Even if it’s not today or tomorrow, every step you take towards your future should be a step closer towards you dream.

Last year, I had made up my mind and set my heart on moving out to California for school, for a fresh start and a new beginning. I  sat down and went through all the possible reasons why I should totally go out there and how this would be the best decision of my life. I started to save money and also started to make plans to go out there and live. I even found a couple of schools I was interested in and gathered all the information went to my mother and told her my plan and how this will be beneficial to me. Since then I’ve had to put my plans on hold because life got in the way and I had to think about other people rather than just myself. I basically had to put my family first and everything else in order for us to be able to brace the sudden change that was happening fast. I wouldn’t necessarily say I gave up on my dream of moving to California, I just had to put my dream on hold because my family needed me more than ever. I am someone who believes everything happens in our lives for a reason. Sometimes circumstances hinder our plans forcing us to put our dreams/plans on hold. I really can’t be mad or sad at this point right now because I know I am still young and have my entire life ahead of me. I just sometimes wish that certain things would have turned out differently so I could have been going back to school next Fall/Spring but instead I will have to work so my family and I can live comfortably until better days come. I am strong in my faith and I do believe that one day I will be able to return to school but for now I am officially a working woman. My advice to anyone going through this even though you might have to put somethings on hold, find a way to make it happen. Find a way in the future to pursue the things in life you would love to the most or find a way to make it happen with that person who you love. Never give up, make it happen. Even if it’s not today or tomorrow, every step you take towards your future should be a step closer towards you dream.


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