Christmas Gift Guide // For The Skin Care and Makeup Obsessed

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year. I absolutely love all things Christmas from the food to the Hallmark Channel original Christmas movie, spending time with my love ones and also shopping for the perfect Christmas present. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. This year I’ll be fortunate again to spend it with my family in Florida again so before I leave I have a lot of shopping to do. However, as usual I’m always stumped on what to buy everyone on my list. I have a silly confession, I’m someone who loves to shower people with gifts but when the time comes to actually buy the gift I never know what to buy lol. Fortunately, this year I’m prepared. I decided to create my own little gift guides and today I want to share with you all my first one. Today’s Christmas Gift Guide is catered to the people who love skin care and beauty products. I decided to categorize them just so that it would be easier to buy the gifts and also decide what I should and shouldn’t get people. Check out my Christmas Gift Guide For The Beauty/Skin Care Obsessed below and you can click each individual image to shop. Happy Holidays.

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Christmas Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

happy-mothers-day-greetings-cardsI can’t believe it’s almost Mother’s Day wasn’t the first of May like last week. This month is really speeding by. I already know it’s going to be super busy because of work,school and of course blogging. To make life easier for me this month I’ve decided to simplify things, for example, shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. Some people might like getting a practical gift for their mothers, after all, mothers are practical people, and getting something useful might be a good gift idea, for example getting something from somewhere like on But let’s say you don’t have the money nor time to buy a practical gift for your mom. Normally, I wouldn’t have enough close to this day, as I feel like it always spring up out of nowhere. But this year, I managed to save quite a bit to where I feel like I can find a good gift for my mom. I’ve been looking into the idea of buying her some jewellery, as I know this is what she loves the most. I came across companies such as Ora Nicole Jewelry where I think I will be able to find the perfect mother’s day gift. This is so time consuming, but once this is done, I can’t wait to see the look on my mom’s face when I give her this gift.

Today’s blog post will feature an easy and quick shopping guide for your mom for Mother’s Day. The easiest way for me is going with a gift I know my mother can use. My mother is someone who is very crafty, loves to bake, loves to cook, loves nice smelling things like perfume, candles, etc and she loves dressing up. My mother is pretty easy to shop for, so buying her gifts is very easy. She always loves everything I buy her.

The Sesame App


This app is a life saver for people on the go. The Sesame App offers themed gift boxes filled with a bunch of trinkets a person can use. I love this app because it’s so convenient. It offers gifts for almost every occasion and every one. Gifts range from an afternoon tea box, breakfast in bed box, green thumb box and Baby Playtime. The Sesame App offers everything which I love. You can download this app onto your iPhone by just searching or clicking the link here—>Sesame

Bath and Body Works


My mom loves anything Bath and Body works so when ever it’s time to buy her a gift i always include something from Bath and Body Works. My mom has a closet filled with Bath and Body works. This store has been her favorite store since I was like 7 yrs old. So if you do decide to stop by the mall be sure to visit Bath and Body works and pick up a few things for your mom which will be perfect for a little Mother’s Day Gift Basket.

Spa Day


If your mom is the type of person who loves to be pampered a spa day is the perfect day and place for her to spend some R&R time. You can also use this Spa day as a way to spend some quality time with your mom. She will appreciate it very much.

Home Goods/Pier One

Pier One or Home Goods is another perfect place to go in search of that perfect gift for your mom. My mother loves everything home deco. If she had the chance she probably will always live in one of these stores buying things to redecorate our home. These stores have everything from new patio sets, throw pillows, plate sets, pot sets, rugs, candles, fragrance oils, etc. These two stores are literally a paradise for moms. The only difference between the two stores is that Home Goods is a lot more affordable while Pier One is more of a high end store. I absolutely love these two stores and I know your mom will love getting an amazing gift from either of these stores.

Mommy/Daughter Shopping Day

This to me is always fun. I think the best thing you can do to spend some time with your mama and also splurge on her is by taking her shopping. What woman doesn’t like to shop. Take your mom to all her favorite spots, have her pick out the pieces she has been eyeing or just simply loves. Trust me a shopping day where she doesn’t have to spend any of her money but spend time with her children is rewarding in her eyes.


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