Sally Hansen VoxBox Review✭

photo-5I had the pleasure of being able to review three of Sally Hansen’s nail polishes sent to me by Influenster Voxbox program. I was so excited to receive theses products because like any girl I am obsessed with nail polishes and I have a collection that’s just keeps growing and growing. I must admit though I probably have a few I’ve never used or only used once. They sent me three colors Jaded, Red My Lips and Pat on the Black (pictured left to right above). I only used Jaded on my toes and Pat on the Black on my nails. In my honest opinion these nail polishes are long lasting once you use a base and too coat with it, which I did. Since I’m a nanny and I’m always washing my hands or just using my hands a lot, my nails chipped faster than the Jaded I painted on my toes. I have to say though that my toes are still going  strong 2+ weeks and I shower twice a day and stuff. I love these nail polishes and I so recommend you girls to go out to your local beauty store or wherever you buy nail polishes and pick up these cute Sally Hansen nail polishes they are perfect for pedicures. I recommend you buying the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength and Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat to go along with it. This base and top coat is truly a miracle worker without it the nail polish won’t last long at all.  Thank You so much influenster for this opportunity and i can’t wait for my next VoxBox. I’m bursting with excitement and anticipation. xxBesos


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✬Sweet Pink✬

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 1.05.32 AMSince the weekend is just two days away, I thought I should post another outfit you could throw together for a cute day out with your boo. Today’s outfit is very pink and girly. It features a Pebbly Beach Tie-Shirt from Hollister, White Jeans, Pink Sandals, a Michael Kors Bag, Vera Bradley Heart Bracelets and some Pink Sunnies. This outfit is perfect for a midday, early afternoon date or just a random day out shopping with your boo or even friends.

Style Crush: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been one of my style crushes since her Disney days. I would always admire her sense of style and she was also one of the very first celebrities I looked up to as a style icon. She was also one of the first Disney girls who made a statement when it came to her sense of style. Every outfit I would see her in was always amazing and perfect for her body frame and structure. I can safely say that none of her outfits be it red carpet or just her everyday casual look was never a miss. No matter where she went Demi Lovato was always dressed to impress. I also admire how with age her style evolved. She totally revamped the way she dressed be it to go with her current hair color/style or just a new year. After her time in treatment center her style evolved where she would wear a lot of boho chic looks to go with her signature shoe Jeffrey Campbell Litas and then a couple months later she went back to her girly glam look and then right on television during the X Factor you saw how her style evolved from glam chic to total rocker chic with a touch of glam. Demi is truly one of young hollywood fashion icons and my style crush of the week. Who is your fashion icon/style crush?


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Feel like a princess and have your clothes picked out for you

tumblr_m02o7n77Ez1qacjhpo1_1280Last week I stumbled upon this little company called Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a clothing website that is still in its Beta stages so first you sign up, you get an invite, you answer a bunch of questions about your style,sizes, etc and then you choose a price point and choose a date. You then enter your credit card (very secure). Anyways when you do all of that you will get a box. Inside there’ll be 5 clothing/accessory pieces. If you want any, the $20 charge to your card for receiving the box will apply to that purchase (Awesome right $20 off a purchase and as a bonus if you decide to keep all items from your fix you get and additional 25% off ). The clothing you don’t want you simple just put it back into the box/envelope and make sure to send it back to them within 3 days!!!

So if you are interested please do sign up and start receiving your box. My first box is set to be delivered on January 12. So click my referral link and when you receive your box of clothing I will be credited $25.00 and in return you can invite more of your friends and also receive that $25.00 credit! Have Fun!!!!