Music On Repeat|Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown-Body On Me

Have you guys heard Rita Ora’s new song with Chris Brown “Body On Me“? It’s one sexy song. If you haven’t already you seriously need to stop reading this and play that song. It gives you the feels lol.  I have been waiting for some new Rita Ora songs and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. I am just so obsessed with her voice, even though some of her music can be a bit weird she definitely satisfies my cravings for new tunes. I would have never imagined a Rita and Chris collaboration coming so soon. But WOAH “Body On Me” just oozes seduction. I love that Rita Ora is finally hitting us with some sultry tunes. This is definitely a good follow-up from her last single “I Will Never Let You Down.” Rita Ora you are killing it and I really hope this time around this song get you the recognition you deserve in America. View Post

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Nick Jonas-Jealous

Guys when did Nick Jonas grow up. It’s like somehow he got sexy overnight and started making killer music. This week I am totally vibing out to Nick Jonas’s latest single “Jealous.” He just does his thing on this new track. When I heard he was going solo after the Jonas Brothers split early this year, I was a bit skeptical at first because even though he had a solo album out before it didn’t quite satisfy my needs musically. However, his two new songs Chains and Jealous from his upcoming self-titled album “Nick Jonas” is so good. I’m loving this new sexy and confident Nick Jonas and his voice omg totally getting that R&B vibe and sensation.You guys have to listen to his new song below and don’t forget to hit the download button below to  buy Jealous. Happy Music Monday!!! ♥ ♥

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You know I’m just human, human after all

10247464_711022545624797_3112533556265509044_nYou know I’m just human, human after all. This line in Cher Lloyd’s new song “Human” is just the truth. So many times people tend to forget that no matter what a person does or how they live their life we are all simply just humans. We go through the same things, we fight the same battles and we struggle with things internally and emotionally and no matter how strong we are we all have weaknesses that makes us human. Cher Lloyd’s new song Human doesn’t disappoint at all. I absolutely love that she is releasing so many powerful ballads and songs that show off her powerful vocal ability. Sirens was amazing but Human is just at another level. This song is personal and has the ability to reach a person in its own way. I love this new side to Cher Lloyd and even in interviews you can tell that in the past year she has grown into her own and found her own little niché in music. You can download Human on iTunes today and listen to this amazing song below.


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Artist Spotlight:Cassie Steele

tumblr_n3d0zv6hId1qz93cno1_500Today, I woke up to new music from one of my favorite actresses Cassie Steele and let me tell you I am not disappointed at all. If you’re wondering who is Cassie Steele you’re  in luck. Cassie Steele is known for her character Manuela (Manny) Santos on the hit Canadian show Degrassi and The CW’s LA Complex which also originated in Canada. If you grew up watching Degrassi then you know who I am talking about. Cassie was one of my favorites on Degrassi. I knew Cassie could have sing because of music she had put out previously but her new single MAD tops it all. MAD is funky, fresh and totally Cassie’s sound. I love the raw honesty of this song. It’s totally a girls anthem. Cassie do your thing boo. I can’t wait to hear more.


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Music Discovery: Girls United!

Hey guys I’m back with another Music Discovery blog post to update you guys on new artist I discovered and this week it so happens that this amazing girl group who are contestants on this seasons X Factor called Girls United caught my ears and omg I absolutely love love what they did with the unreleased track from Ariana Grande called Pink Champagne.  I haven’t really been watching the X Factor at all this season just because I don’t really have the time to make the commitment to watch it but these girls definitely show promise and I think they have the look, the voice, the style and everything to make it in the music business. This is the first time I’ve seen a group that was auditioning release something like this so I don’t know if they didn’t make it to the live shows or if the rules have changed and they could continue making their cover videos as a way to promote themselves for votes for the X Factor because if they do make it to the live shows which I do watch they will be getting my votes. So guys check out Girls United version of Ariana Grande’s “Pink Champagne”   below