The Sunday Social



Hey guys!!! It’s Sunday again which means it’s time for another Sunday Social.

1. What is one item you wish you could splurge on right now

♥ I would really love to have an iMac for to use for blogging only. I currently use my Macbook for everything and I feel like having a separate computer preferably an iMac for blogging will be beneficial to my blog.


2. If you had an entire weekend of no plans what would you do?

♥ I would order sushi and watch movies all weekend long lol


3. What is the next place you are visiting outside of your current city?

♥ I’ll be visiting New York 🙂


4. Are you a neat freak or a clutterbug?

♥ LORD!! I am a clutterbug. My room is so messy at the moment.


5. What is your favorite summer purchase?

♥ My favorite purchase was the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser that thing is a miracle worker for your face and should be apart of everyone’s skin care regimen.


Thank You guys so much for checking out my answers to this weeks Sunday Social and if you would like to get in on the action just visit Ashley Lately’s blog @

100 Facts About Me (Part 1)

I was browsing Instagram recently and saw this amazing idea (100 random facts about yourself) that someone had posted and it really caught my eye. I decided to write down these random facts about myself but break it up into two blog posts because I honestly can’t think of 100 things all at once. I’ve been doing this since the beginning of November and I have to say this was actually really fun to come up with. The process of actually coming up with the random things were so hard because I didn’t want to state the obvious about myself. I changed and deleted a lot of them but overall I am happy with the first half of my 100 Facts About Me. So here it is!!!

1. My name is Felice Raina. It’s means “Happy Queen”
2. I am the youngest of my father’s children.
3. I’m originally from New York but I lived in Trinidad for like 5 years. So I call Trinidad my true home.
4. I recently turned 22
5. I really love to sing
6. I have to brush my teeth before eating/drinking anything in the morning.
7. I have a really bad sweet tooth and I sometimes have to restrain myself
8. I’m probably the silliest person you’ll ever meet.
9. I’m always telling people stories
10. I love to write, it calms me down and clears out my mental space.
11. I only have a few friends.
12. I’m very trusting
13. I’m claustrophobic
14. I can’t sleep with the TV on, not even on mute. I feel like I still here it somehow.
15. I’m currently a nanny and it’s hard like some days I wonder if I’m doing things correctly.
16. I love hot wings and ranch dressing.
17. Summer time is when I shine lol
18. I’m a horrible car singer.
19. Christina Perri’s song “A Thousand Years” always makes me cry.
20. I really want to visit California
21. I’ve never been in love.
22. When I was younger I wanted to go to boarding school lol (it looked so cool in the movies)
23. My hair is natural and I have no ideas what the hell I’m doing.
24. I suck at parking.
25. I overthink a lot of stuff
26. I love making people laugh
27. I wanted to be a forensic scientist after watching an episode of CSI.
28. I binge play the Sims Freeplay
29. I sorta want to write a book
30. I’m addicted to Fanta orange Soda
31. I can eat an entire large pizza
32. I’m secretly want to own a pet pig.
33. Someday I want to get married and have babies.
34. I don’t really know much about makeup.
35.  I love to shop
36. I love going to the movies but somehow never go more than 3x a year.
37. I love anything curry
38. The first time I got asked out the guy asked my cousin Ryan for permission lol!
39. My family in Trinidad mean the world to me.
40. I got my first car last Summer (2013)
41. If I won the lottery I would drop everything and go back to school.
42. I’m probably the only 22yr old not into clubbing lol sorry it’s so not my scene.
43. I only regret one thing in life.
44. I religiously watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s
45. I love watching music videos
46. My iPhone is filled with a bunch of Demi Lovato,Travis Garland and Tori Kelly music.
47. My biggest challenge with blogging is thinking up a good title.
48. I went to my first concert on November 17th and saw Tori Kelly.
49. I have such a wild,creative and imaginative imagination.
50. I love sleeping in but these days sleeping in for me is like 10am

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Passing time while Hurricane Sandy is going crazy outside

Hi fellow reader, if you live on the East Coast I pray and hope that you guys are safe and the damage in your area isn’t to bad. I live in Connecticut and my town is okay for now. Today I have been home all day just passing time trying to find stuff to do around the house and online. I have never been so bored lol. I luckily have electricity still but I’m trying to limit my use meaning not watching television and keeping the lights off in my house (preparing for when the power goes out so I won’t be so paniky lol) Outside isn’t too bad I’m hearing the crazy winds outside and trees are just swaying uncontrollably but Thank God it’s not to serious yet. I am happy that my parents house is so strong because that wind out there is ferocious. All I have done today is catch on a few of my shows online like Grimm (omg what is up with the Captain obsessing over Juliet it’s crazy how that storyline is going to be developing more as the season progress), I also watch last nights Revenge (it’s weird cause I am so confused with that entire thing Padma did with asking for records of David Clark’s involvement with Greyson Global) and I also caught up with the new show in the UK called the Paradise (this show is set in the time when the first department store was opened in the UK, it’s an interesting show to watch but I don’t think a lot of people would like it). My day has been filled with watching tv shows on the internet because I’m afraid if the power goes out and my television is on that the power surge might break my TV and I don’t want to risk that. I also painted my nails with the Models Own “Scarlet Sparkle” nail polish. At first I didn’t like how it was applying to my nails because of the amount of glitter the nail polish had in it made it really thick but when it dried I really loved it. You can purchase Scarlett Sparkle for only five pounds on the Models Own website. I think it’s so worth it to buy them because they actually last long on your nails. As I previously stated that I work in Retail and it’s a lot of work involving my hands and it holds up perfectly fine during my 7 hour shifts. I love pampering myself on days off even if the weather outside is horrible. I have some nice scented candles, pretzels and M&M’s to keep me comfortable during this crazy hurricane and also I charged my Blackberry Playbook which is perfect during storms because the battery life on that thing is awesome. It can last a week without having to charge. Even though it doesn’t have good apps on it I use it for listening to music which is a must and reading on the Kobo app. Also I got an interesting email today from this company called Band of Blogs I am currently researching it to see what it is all about but as soon as I have some news I will let you guys know. XoXo Stay Safe all of my east coast readers love you guys<3