TV Talk: Pretty Little Liars


Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is already 9 episodes in and to be honest I’m having a bunch of WTF moments. First of all Ali and her crazy kidnapping story. Allison literally has lied about almost everything since she’s returned. I really don’t understand why she lied when she could have just told the truth.The craziest thing now is that some fool has come forward and confessed to kidnapping. My question is what the hell does A have up her sleeve. (I think A is a woman tbh) Emily hooking up with Ali was definitely another WTF moment. I know there is some deep romantic history between them but come on Emily you know who she is why would you go there for. Aria on the hand needs to stop feeling guilty for killing Shana. She shot Ezra and almost killed all of them too, in my book she deserved what she got. Since the season started and Ali returned Hanna has been out of control. She drinking, spilling secrets, wearing clothes to match her mood and just letting herself go. OMG and that sleaze Zach who knew he was such a perve. So glad Caleb got his shit together, punched out that little nastiness and Aria told her mom what Zach did to Hanna. Aria’s mom didn’t need to marry that man. She is definitely better off. I am still holding out hope that Aria’s parents will get back together. Mona and her little revenge team scare me. This girl  takes crazy to a whole new level.  Ali has so many people after her. There is Mona and her team, A and now Noel has all this evidence on her just in case she “throws him away.” I’ve never watched a show where one of the characters has so many enemies. Pretty Little Liars this season is confusing the hell out of me. What I want to know is what secret does Melissa and her dad have that is so bad that Veronica decided that she wanted to end her marriage. I have so many more questions like Who is this new A? Can Ezra really be trusted? Who blew up Tobi’s house? Was it A or Allison trying to kill Noel? Why is Ali lying so much? Whoever is this new A has the goods on everyone. There is no secret these girls can hide and A is making sure that every lie is revealed. Pretty Little Liars is leaving me so confused and mad after each episode. I really do hope we get some answers before the Summer Finale because I can’t wait until the second half of  season 5. Are you watching Pretty Little Liars? What are some of your WTF moments so far this season? If you need to get caught up on Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars you can download Season 5 on iTunes below

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TV Talk: Pretty Little Liars Spring Finale


Let’s talk about last night explosive and very revealing episode of PLL. Last night’s episode began with the girls going to meet Ali and realizing a very important thing that Noel was one of Ali’s allies even though the liars basically didn’t trust him because they believed that he was one of the many people behinds Alison’s death/disappearance. We also finally got the low down on what actually happened the night of the Allison’s death and to be honest I thought it would have been a bit juicier. Allison left out no detail as to what happened that night. As the liars all sat down, she told them how she confronted everyone whom she had suspected was A and was trying to kill her. She schemed, blackmailed and put the fear of God in everyone and also drugged her friends to make sure it wasn’t them. She also put Spencer’s paranoia to rest and told her that she wasn’t the one that hit her over the head with a shovel. Then the big boom came when Ali was walking home and someone hit her behind the head with a rock(not a shovel), her mom witnessed it and then buried her own daughter alive. Her mom is absolutely the worse no wonder why every single time they would show Ali’s mom on the show she would always look like she had the weight of the world on her shoulder; now we no why. Ali’s mom knew all along who attempted to kill her daughter and kept it a secret and even took it so far as to throw the blame on poor old Spencer. This episode left me with so many questions like what did Melissa whisper to her dad at the police station, who the hell was that person that tried to kill all of them and then escaped so badass and is Ezra alive and who the hell was dragging Ali’s mom into that grave and burying her. This season finale was like everything and then some. A lot was revealed but then there are still so many secrets and suspicions like why is that detective so hell bent on having Spencer arrested for the murder of who ever is in Ali’s grave. I have so many predictions as to who I think is behind this entire A thing or who tried to kill Ali and her friends. To be honest I think it’s a man and I have a funny feeling its Aria’s dad or someone around his height and body build. It could also be Ian because dead people keep popping up alive all over the place. Ahh June 10th can you come a little faster. I can’t wait until the summer premiere of Pretty Little Liars!!!

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