Commitment Phobia: What Makes Relationships So Scary To The Millennials

Hey, fellow millennial (if you’re not a millennial then can relate to you as well). You might have noticed that our generation has a bit of a problem with relationships. How many people do you know who are either not doing the whole relationship thing right now, or who are doing it but are having all kinds of drama?

It’s a far cry from our parents’ and grandparents’ generations where courtship, engagement, commitment and then marriage were the name of the game. Previous generations went on long walks or out to the cinema, got to know each other’s families (and you just know a lot of those families were comprised of 2-4 children with a dog and a comfortable station wagon), and then started picking out wedding invitation designs. If you find yourself in a committed relationship but you’re not quite ready to get engaged, take a look at promise rings to see how you can show your partner that you take them seriously.

Not similar to our generation at all! In fact, recent data from the Pew Research Center showed that millennials are far less likely to get married than any other generation in modern history. It got me thinking – what’s up with that? Why are we as a generation so commitment phobic? Just what is it that makes relationships so scary to the millennials?Millennials View Post

14 Days Of Love: The Greatest Love Of All

On the 11th day I bring you “The Greatest Love of All” written by one of my dearest friends Amanda Ramirez ♥ Enjoy 


I have learned (and continue to learn) what it means to love SELF. With that knowledge, I have learned what it means to love another. I love myself, and I try to accept every piece of myself, everyday. Love is about acceptance. I am no perfect being, but I strive to be the best ME that I can be. Along my journey, I have realized that those who do not accept themselves, have a hard time loving, period. They can’t love themselves, which in turn makes it difficult to truly love another. I have been there and plan to never go back. 

Another important lesson I have learned about love, is that love is KIND and kindness starts with the way we treat ourselves. How we treat others, is only a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. I have experienced both friendships and relationships where I was treated poorly because of how those individuals felt about themselves. Because I love myself, I chose to remove myself from those relationships. Like I said, love is kindness and for someone to treat you other than kind only is a reflection of self.

Within the last couple of years, I have been so blessed to experience one of the healthiest relationships one could ever experience. My relationship is a reflection of myself and of my boyfriend. Our relationship is secure because we as individuals are secure.Jealousy has no home in a place where security thrives” (realist thing I have ever come up with).

I firmly believe that my relationship is healthy because of the love I have for myself, and because of the love my boyfriend has for his self. Love of self allows us to love in a way that some may never experience because of lack of self-love. Self love is so powerful, you have to feel it to believe it! Our relationship is healthy, but do not confuse that with perfection. In my eyes, my relationship is greatness, pretty much perfect. However, perfection is perception. I perceive my relationship to be just that. Occasionally, I fight with my significant other, but we always communicate and forgive one another (forgiveness is key). We learn from our disagreements and we GROW. Love is about growth, and I TELL YA, WE ARE GROWING! I am so happy and excited about all of the growth that is happening, and that will continue to happen. I am not about depending on another individual for my own happiness, because NEWS FLASH, if ya did not know already, YOU provide your own happiness, but it is pretty fantastic to share happiness with someone else. I mean, honestly, that is probably one of the greatest feelings in this world. 


Food That Fills The Heart

“Allow yourself to mourn the loss of love, and heal from the wounds. Don’t run into the arms of another love, you will not find peace there: you will only accumulate more to heal from.”- Tara Rose via This Is How You Win Him Back


I think Tumblr is such an amazing website. I follow so many diverse people and I am exposed to a lot of things (good) and I also learn a lot. I love following people on Tumblr who have something insightful and creative to say. I love discovering people’s original thoughts and work on Tumblr. I always say Tumblr is a place where you can show the world how you feel and think and also what you like. The people on Tumblr inspire me daily and that’s why I love to share the little tidbits and quotes from Tumblr on The Kiss of Joy. The quote above by Tara Rose really spoke to me. I’ve never been in love but I know how important it is to allow your heart to heal before jumping into a new relationship. Relationships are hard work. It’s a commitment and a bond you share with someone. Our hearts are fragile and you don’t want the stains of your past relationships to taint your new one. Allow you heart to heal my loves ♥

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Guard Your Heart My Loves



Saw this on Tumblr last night and I was in awe of how powerful these words are especially for us single girls out there. We must guard our hearts. Love is powerful and sometimes it makes us do crazy things.So many times I see young girls fall prey to young men and there “sweet talk.” A lot of times we fall head over heels in love with someone before we can discover who they are and what’s in their heart. Ladies never settle for anything less than you deserve. His words may be sweet but his heart can also be sour. Guard your heart. It’s no good broken. 

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Be Happy, Live Life and Love Yourself

I feel like so many people find it so hard to just be happy, live life and love themselves.  I know people who are constantly battling stuff and going through so much that they shouldn’t even be going through. I feel like so many people lack that self confidence and that strength to actually believe in themselves and stand on their own.  It breaks my heart to see people constantly putting themselves down and just being a target  for negativity. They’re  constantly saying things that are just so degrading about themselves or just wallowing in self pity and disgust.  Certain people are so sad and like nothing you do could ever lift their spirits, its heartbreaking. I know someone who is constantly just looking for that validation and that reassurance that they are worth it,  that they’re beautiful, etc and it shouldn’t be like that. You as person should have that self confidence and believe in your own self worth; you shouldn’t be looking to others for that reassurance.  Everything in my life isn’t perfect but I know that when I start to get in a funk that there is so much I should thankful for and I shouldn’t be feeling this way.  I just wish everyone could look past the bad and focus on what good they have in their lives. It’s a beautiful and marvelous thing to be happy. I don’t mean always smiling and being chipper, just being content and happy in your heart that’s what matters.

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One of my favorite songs at the moment from Drake! He’s such a romantic sap lol! 

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