Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil & Bubble Bath Mini Review

Don’t you guys just love when you discover that brand that has the most amazing products. That brand that you know you’ll probably use forever. Omg this is why I love getting subscription boxes. It’s like the perfect opportunity to discover new brands & products. And I’m so thankful that PopSugar sent me their October Must Have Box to try this month because guys I just found my new favorite product. Continue to read to find out why I love Lalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath so much

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Dove Quench Absolute Review

Dove Quench AbsoluteA couple of weeks ago, while out food shopping at Stop & Shop I stumbled across the Dove Quench Absolute Line for coarse/curly hair and I was so intrigued that Dove actually had a line for girls with naturally curly, coarse hair. I’ve always loved using Dove products like the bar soaps and body wash. I knew they carried a line of Shampoos and Conditioners, but I never was really interested in trying them out. However, I had just come back from vacation and my hair was starving for some TLC so I wanted something new to try. I’ve always loved how moisturized and soft my skin was after using Dove’s body soap so I was really curious to see if this Dove Quench Absolute Line would have the same effect on my hair that was suffering from a bad case of dryness. I decided to try out the Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo, Conditioner, and the Restoration Mask and the results were so impressive that I am officially a fan and I’ll definitely be buying again. View Post

Sally Hansen VoxBox Review✭

photo-5I had the pleasure of being able to review three of Sally Hansen’s nail polishes sent to me by Influenster Voxbox program. I was so excited to receive theses products because like any girl I am obsessed with nail polishes and I have a collection that’s just keeps growing and growing. I must admit though I probably have a few I’ve never used or only used once. They sent me three colors Jaded, Red My Lips and Pat on the Black (pictured left to right above). I only used Jaded on my toes and Pat on the Black on my nails. In my honest opinion these nail polishes are long lasting once you use a base and too coat with it, which I did. Since I’m a nanny and I’m always washing my hands or just using my hands a lot, my nails chipped faster than the Jaded I painted on my toes. I have to say though that my toes are still going  strong 2+ weeks and I shower twice a day and stuff. I love these nail polishes and I so recommend you girls to go out to your local beauty store or wherever you buy nail polishes and pick up these cute Sally Hansen nail polishes they are perfect for pedicures. I recommend you buying the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength and Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat to go along with it. This base and top coat is truly a miracle worker without it the nail polish won’t last long at all.  Thank You so much influenster for this opportunity and i can’t wait for my next VoxBox. I’m bursting with excitement and anticipation. xxBesos


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Movie Spotlight: Instructions Not Included

MV5BMTUyNjI3ODI0N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTQ1NTY5OQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Last night, I had the pleasure of sitting down and finally watching this movie. I have been looking forward to watching this movie since I saw the trailer on the iTunes Trailer App on the iPhone. The little clip they showed int he trailer really captivated me and touched my heart. I am a sucker for a good father-daughter themed movie. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see it right away when it premiered so I had to wait until it came out on DVD. Going into watching this movie it wasn’t anything I suspected it to be. The storyline was so much more. It was a story about a man who lived a very free life; meaning he didn’t have any responsibilities, he was a womanizer and basically lived life carefree. Then one day all that changed when a woman from his past stopped by,told him he had a baby and then left him to take care of this little baby forcing him to change his entire lifestyle just for his daughter. From this point on in the movie, the story starts getting really sentimental and we see how a man who once lived a selfish life grew up and learned about sacrifice, love and happiness. What I loved the most about this movie was that even though he was upset with Maggie’s mother for leaving her at a young age, he never told her the truth but instead he would write letters from her mother to her every week because he wanted Maggie to love her mother regardless and be happy. He became Maggie’s pillar of strength and in her eyes he was someone who was fearless and did no wrong. Maggie forced and helped him to conquer so much of the fears he had. He simply strived to make her happy no matter what. During the movie I also found out that someone was dying and throughout the movie the person who I thought was sick ended up not being sick but it was the other person. Finding out this put so much of what Valentin was doing into perspective. It made me understand why Valentin did what he did and why he lived life like that. This movie is truly inspiring and it touched my soul in so many ways. The movie is well written and I feel like it deserves so much more recognition. Eugenio Derbez is beyond talented and this movie was a work of art. I recommend this movie to everyone. It’s one of those movies that will angry, happy, cry and also laugh hysterically. I love this movie.


You can preorder the movie on iTunes and it will be available to watch on January 21st.

✭Umcheeky and Julep Box Review✭

Hey guys so as promised I was going to review two monthly box subscriptions I got. I recently heard about two companies Julep and Umcheeky that offered some cool merchandise for people to try for a low monthly fee.

I had previously heard about Julep but wasn’t to interested in it at first but when I saw that they were offering the box for free last month and I just had to pay shipping, i decided that I would give it a try. I followed all the steps by making an account, completing my style profile and then they selected a really interesting combination/ color of nail polish. I decided to take the leap of faith and try out the nail polishes they sent me. I got an orange color called “Natasha”, a glittery nail polish called “Paris” and they also sent me cuticle oil and hand cream in the Julep Maven box. I was so excited to try it and show off my new nails but I was so disappointed  in the quality of the  orange nail polish. I put it on and by the next day when I washed dishes and did little odd stuff and the nail polish chipped. The glittery nail polish was perfect and it lasted very long. I was just so disappointed and happy that I didn’t waste $20 on this box because it so wasn’t worth it. I didn’t even to take a good picture of my nails because it chipped so fast. The second box I tried was from a company called When I found this company I couldn’t believe that they had such amazing promotion going on. If you subscribe to their monthly subscription and enter the promo code “SUMMER”, you will automatically eligible to receive 3 panties for only $8. I jumped on this offer so fast just because seriously where can you get panties at that price. I was so pleased with the Umcheeky box and I would definitely recommend this to anyone. It’s so worth it and when I got them they fit perfectly. They were comfortable, the fit was very airy and I am definitely going to continue getting this box monthly.

If you are interested in getting this box I will put a link below to the referral for both the Julep and Umcheeky box. If you do get any of them please don’t hesitate to comment, email or tweet me how it all went. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback. Don’t forget to also check out my song pick of the day below.

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