Fashion Inspiration: Rompers ♥


When I look at all the blogs, fashion websites, and browse my favorite online shop the one trend that I see all the time are rompers, jumpsuits and overalls. I have always loved the romper and I promised myself that one day if I found the perfect one I would run to the store and buy it. The one thing I could never decide on which one should I pick, which is probably the reason why I don’t own a bunch of them yet. Today I just wanted to show you guys some of my favorites and I also wanted you guys to help me pick one out. I desperately want to have a romper/jumpsuit/overall by the summer. So let me know which one is your favorite and which one I should buy. xoxo♥


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✬Spring Oooh La La✬

20130306-103045.jpgOn my wish-list this Spring, once it gets warm enough to wear them is “leather shorts.” I’ve been seeing so many of celebrities wearing leather shirts and then pairing them with oversized sweater or tees and cute tops/blouses with blazers over them. I am just in love with that particular style and hopefully I find one online or at one of my favorite stores. I decided to create a look that I think would look perfect for a warm spring/cool summer night out. This look I think can be a cute girly date night look.