I Am Thankful

ThankfulHave you ever had those moments when you realize how fortunate you are to have the simple things in life. This morning as I stood in my tub taking a warm shower I started thinking about how fortunate and lucky I am to be able to have clean, warm water everyday to shower with. It’s so crazy how the little things spark those little moments of gratitude and realizations in your life. A lot of times I go through my day not even thinking about the things I have and how fortunate I am. This past week really made me think about how much I take for granted. Like three years ago I didn’t have a car so I had to either take the bus or a cab to work now I have my own car and I’m able to get from point A and B without having to worry about missing the bus or spending a lot of money on cab fare. Like sometimes I sit in my car while driving through New York and I start having these mini moments of excitement because I have my license after doubting myself in the past after I failed my test twice. I also have mini moments of excitements when I jump into bed and my bed is warm, fluffy and I am comfortable. I also have those moments when I’m just so grateful that my mom and dad are still alive and in my life. I am the first to admit that sometimes I tend to not care about or put much thought into issues when they don’t directly affect me but this past week when I heard about the water issue in Flint my heart broke for the residents in that community. It’s just so sad that today in 2016 in the United States communities have to deal with unsafe and unhealthy water conditions. It’s just so unfair.  

Let’s Chat ♥ 
What are some of the little things in your life that you are thankful for?