Four New Fall TV Shows I’m Excited For

Fall TV is back this week and I’m so excited to finally have something to watch. I have a confession guys, I watch way to much TV and my favorite Fall shows are life lol haha! A lot of my favorites are returning this week like This Is Us, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mick, Scorpion, Empire, Star, Modern Family, Chicago PD & Fire and Designated Survivor. Lol you’re probably saying by now okay this girl doesn’t have a life lol. I swear my days are booked between days at work or doing my internship. So once 8pm rolls around, I settle down in front the TV with some dinner and just decompress by watching TV. It’s so therapeutic guys lol  well in my own little way of course. Besides, the retuning shows there are some new ones that I would love to add to my list of favorite TV shows premiering this fall. Check out my thoughts on the 4 new Fall TV Shows I’m excited for below.
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TV Talk: Recovery Road

Recovery Road

With ABC Family changing its name to Freeform in the new year comes new television shows. One in particular is Recovery Road and it so happens that Hulu has the first three episodes available to watch. After watching all three episodes I am a speechless, emotional wreck. Recovery Road is just wow. I’ve honestly never watched a show that captured the gripping reality of what the disease of addiction really is like. It showcased the reality of what addiction does to someone. It completely changes a person almost making them unrecognizable. It also showcased how blind and ignorant someone could be if they don’t understand how addiction and recovery works. Recovery Road tells the story of a group of people from all different walks of life who share one thing in common they are all battling some form of addiction and it’s so interesting to see how they are all dealing with it in their own way. While watching Recovery Road I honestly didn’t feel like I was watching a scripted television show. The acting felt so real, so raw. Each and every characters’ storyline just hits you with a dose of reality. Recovery Road is the definition of good television. It’s definitely a show that will get you thinking. It will spark conversations and you will definitely want more. The first three episodes were GOLD and I can’t wait for more. ABC Family/Freeform you guys have a winner.

Watch The First Three Episodes of Recovery Road on Hulu or you can watch Recovery Road on January 25th on Freeform at 9pm. 

TV Talk: Jane The Virgin (Ch. 23)

Jane The VirginJane The Virgin is back!!! I swear this was the longest hiatus ever. Last season, if you remember Jane The Virgin ended the season with one of the biggest cliffhangers. (Jane’s baby was kidnapped) The season opened up with Jane and Rafael sitting in her hospital room going through pictures on their phone for the birthing announcement. In comes the “actual” nurse who announces she’s here to take Mateo for his hearing test. The only thing is Mateo already left with another nurse for the same test. After talking with the nurse, they realized that Mateo has in fact been kidnapped and Jane officially goes into panic mood but not in any normal way like omg my child has been kidnapped what do I do mood. Jane surprisingly held it together even though she was freaking out in her own little way. I had to laugh a bit seeing how Jane was so concerned about the schedule she had set in place for Mateo and if she didn’t get him back he would miss a feeding and diaper change. Somewhere in a bar Michael is drinking his sorrows away when he gets a call from Sin Rostro that she has kidnapped Mateo and wants to trade him for this brooch, which we later found out from Nadine has all the identities of all the criminals Sin Rostro helped changed their identities. I was actually so mad that Sin Rostro kidnapped a new-born baby for a damn piece of jewelry. How stupid right? Anyway long story short Michael, Rafael and Jane all teamed up to find the brooch that apparently Luisa had. I swear Luisa needs to get over Rose. Once they found the brooch that ended up in the pool filter they made the trade and Mateo was finally returned to Jane & Rafael. Once all the craziness from the kidnapping died down we actually got to witness Michael being the bigger man. I am Team Rafael, but last night’s episode almost tempted me to switch sides until Michael called someone a told them to inform Nadine to ditch her phone. Michael really doesn’t think at all. He just acts. View Post

Currently Loving: iZombie

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OMG! There is this new show on The CW “iZombie” and I just can’t get enough of it. I really wasn’t planning on getting hooked into a new zombie themed show but iZombie is one of those shows that literally grew on me. I’m going to be honest with you guys and say that in the beginning I wasn’t really feeling this show. The promos and teasers for this show really didn’t captivate me. I also wasn’t too sure if The CW had it in them to pull of a zombie show. Well if you’re guessing correctly I was wrong because I love this show. iZombie has everything I love in a show wrapped up in it. It has crime, drama, mystery, romance, and a lot of comedy. iZombie follows the life of Liv Moore, former medical resident turned Zombie, who is now working as a coroner’s assistant at the King’s County Medical Examiner’s office where it’s literally an all you can eat brains buffet. If you ask I think Liv is pretty smart because she totally picked the perfect job to get food aka brains. The only problem is that every time she eats a new brain she takes on various character traits from subjects. One time she ate this young mother who was murdered brain and as a result of this brain, Liv’s maternal instinct kicked in and she literally wanted to take care of everyone, she understood her mother more and she also had the instinct to look in on the dead mother’s baby and she made sure that he was taken care of properly. I just think it’s so cool how each brain affects her differently and changes little things in her. The only crazy thing is that Detective Clive Babinaux thinks she’s psychic and she helps him solve almost all of his cases. So she’s like a crime fighting/solving Zombie. The concept of the show is really interesting. I love how her boss Ravi knows about her condition and is trying to find a cure for her Zombieism. The craziest thing about this show is how her former life is sort of merging with her current life. Her ex-fiancé Major, who she broke up with because she became a Zombie, is starting to get a little too close to this Zombie business with his investigation into the disappearance of the homeless kids at the group home where he worked. It’s a little too close for comfort and right now his face bears the results of his meddling into this Zombie business. This show is definitely on my must watch list every week. I really don’t know when the season finale is but I do know that the show got picked up for a second season, so if you’re a fan of iZombie like I am then you’re in luck. If you would love to check this show out be sure to get caught up on Hulu or The CW App.

Binge Watch iZombie here: Hulu, iTunes, The CW App

TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter Nine

“Chapter Nine”

The midseason finale of Jane The Virgin was a shocker and very revealing. A lot of people’s true characters were revealed and a shocking twist left me dumbfounded but first let’s recap. On Chapter 8 of Jane The Virgin, Jane finally told Rafael that she’s a virgin. Luisa was actually in Mexico on a bender but her life was turned around after she came back from a retreat in Peru. She wanted to tell the truth about her affair with Rosa but Rosa had her sent to a mental institute. Xiomara recorded a demo with Elliott Lantana thanks to Rogelio. Petra hired an escort to drug and make it seem like she slept with Rafael so Jane would end things. This failed because the escort told the truth. Jane decides to drop the lawsuit against Luisa because of her abuela. Lastly, Rafael told Jane the truth about the lawsuit and then Rafael professed his love for Jane that’s what you missed on Chapter 8 of Jane The Virgin.

Chapter 8 opened with a flashback to the time when Jane wrote her first short story. It was always Jane’s dream to become a writer and when she wrote her first short story she was so excited but as she was about to show her mother she overheard Alba arguing with Xiomara about how much her dream was costing them and the fact that having a dream wasn’t practical because it didn’t pay the bills. However, after that Jane never forgot her dream but she kept it hidden and when she got the email her short story based on her mother was about to be published she almost passed up the opportunity but thankfully Xiomara forged her signature on the publishing consent form.

Meanwhile, Jane and Rafael are at a sonogram and Petra shows up and decides all of a sudden that she wants to be apart of the baby’s life. She’s claiming that due to some documents she and Rafael signed when they were married she has a claim to the baby. Petra is so dramatic. She hires a fancy lawyer and made the entire custody ordeal a public matter by going to the press. We all know she is just doing this for the money because if she gains custody of the baby Rafael has to pay her child support. After a lot of convincing Rafael decides to go along with the plan Michael proposed to Jane to take down Petra. When Jane and Petra finally meet to discuss the custody of the baby, Petra tells Jane this emotional story of her father who died a week before the Berlin Wall fell and that losing someone she loved and barely got to know was heartbreaking and that’s why she wants to get custody of the baby because she can’t bear to lose someone she loves again. To be honest Petra was very convincing and I started to believe that she really loved this baby and her motives were sincere but after Rafael heard her little emotional story over the wire and he realized that Petra was lying yet again. Rafael realized the date the Berlin Wall fell and her birthdate didn’t match up and Jane realized that Petra isn’t who she says she is. Petra’s own lies came back and bit her in the butt because when Rafael hired a Private Investigator he found out that Petra is just using some dead girl’s identity as her own and that Ivan helped her change her identity and that’s why she owes him all that money. We also find out that Milos is the reason why Magda is a wheelchair because he’s Petra’s scorned ex lover who decided to get revenge on Petra but Magda suffered instead and that’s why Petra’s hiding.

Michael now thinks that Rafael is Sin Rostro. He’s so far gone and this path of revenge that he is on is clouding his judgment. He asked his brother Billy who doesn’t even trust and who doesn’t even like him to snoop around the hotel to find any clues that could implicate Rafael. Billy steals Rafael’s wallet and they find a key sewn into his wallet, which happens to be for a safe in Rafael’s office filled with cash, passports and a burner phone. I have to admit that this new information really threw me and I’m starting to wonder if Michael’s theory about Rafael is true. However, Michael should have looked through the items in the safe because the next day when they went with a search warrant everything was gone and his one lead was gone until they found that secret tunnel in their stakeout room under the tub.

Rogelio is really the sweetest person ever. I love that he selflessly does things for Jane and Xiomara. After Xo’s meeting with the producer went bad and she was considering giving up, Rogelio contacted Paulina Rubio (Xo’s idol) and after Paulina gave her some words of encouragement Xiomara was back on track to pursuing her dreams. Also who knew Alba was such an angry drunk. She was so furious with Petra for messing with Jane and the baby that when she went to Petra’s hotel room she met Magda and heard Ivan calling out for help. What happened next to Alba was so heartbreaking. I knew Magda was faking it and when she shoved Alba down those stairs and they showed her standing up it confirmed all of my suspicions.

It feels like only yesterday we were watching the series premiere of Jane The Virgin and now by the Fall Finale Jane The Virgin has become the surprise breakout show on The CW. Jane The Virgin has become one of my Top Ten favorite shows this fall. I’m so happy I didn’t judge the show based on its name or else I would definitely missed out on a good one. I can’t wait for the winter premiere.

 TV Talk Back

Do you think there is a Sin Rostro and Rafael connection?

Where do you think the secret tunnel under the tub leads?

Who do you think tipped off Rafael about Michael finding the safe? (I think it was Billy?)

Were you shocked that Magda was faking it?