January Favorites

It’s officially February. January was a relatively slow month for me. The days were long but the month flew by. January was actually a good month. A lot of good came with the new year. School is going great even though this sociology paper due in a couple of weeks is kicking my butt. I got invited to NYFW and I can actually go this time because work isn’t getting in the way. I’m still deciding on what I should wear because since it’s cold in New York and I want to be stylish but also comfortable and warm. I’m so nervous though. I’ve never been to a fashion show lol. For today’s blog post i want to recap January and just share with you all some of my favorites from last month. Enjoy xx ♥ 

January Favorites

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Currently Loving: iZombie

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OMG! There is this new show on The CW “iZombie” and I just can’t get enough of it. I really wasn’t planning on getting hooked into a new zombie themed show but iZombie is one of those shows that literally grew on me. I’m going to be honest with you guys and say that in the beginning I wasn’t really feeling this show. The promos and teasers for this show really didn’t captivate me. I also wasn’t too sure if The CW had it in them to pull of a zombie show. Well if you’re guessing correctly I was wrong because I love this show. iZombie has everything I love in a show wrapped up in it. It has crime, drama, mystery, romance, and a lot of comedy. iZombie follows the life of Liv Moore, former medical resident turned Zombie, who is now working as a coroner’s assistant at the King’s County Medical Examiner’s office where it’s literally an all you can eat brains buffet. If you ask I think Liv is pretty smart because she totally picked the perfect job to get food aka brains. The only problem is that every time she eats a new brain she takes on various character traits from subjects. One time she ate this young mother who was murdered brain and as a result of this brain, Liv’s maternal instinct kicked in and she literally wanted to take care of everyone, she understood her mother more and she also had the instinct to look in on the dead mother’s baby and she made sure that he was taken care of properly. I just think it’s so cool how each brain affects her differently and changes little things in her. The only crazy thing is that Detective Clive Babinaux thinks she’s psychic and she helps him solve almost all of his cases. So she’s like a crime fighting/solving Zombie. The concept of the show is really interesting. I love how her boss Ravi knows about her condition and is trying to find a cure for her Zombieism. The craziest thing about this show is how her former life is sort of merging with her current life. Her ex-fiancé Major, who she broke up with because she became a Zombie, is starting to get a little too close to this Zombie business with his investigation into the disappearance of the homeless kids at the group home where he worked. It’s a little too close for comfort and right now his face bears the results of his meddling into this Zombie business. This show is definitely on my must watch list every week. I really don’t know when the season finale is but I do know that the show got picked up for a second season, so if you’re a fan of iZombie like I am then you’re in luck. If you would love to check this show out be sure to get caught up on Hulu or The CW App.

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Summer Time and My Shows

VH1-Hit-the-FloorI discovered this amazing show on VH1 this summer called Hit The Floor and honestly I can’t stop thinking about this show, it’s that good lol. It has everything in it I love about a show its sexy, the men are hot and the drama and mystery of the show is captivating and always keeps me on the edge of my seat. I normally don’t watch VH1 series because it tends to be really trashy and just not my style but this show takes the cake. It kind of reminds of Hellcats but with a lot more flare and a better storyline. The show is centered around the business of basketball and the girls who dance and represent the team.The show has some drama, where the captain of the Devil Girls Squad Jelena is a total bitch. She doesn’t no for an answer, she gets what she wants, eliminates the competition (well try) and totally defies one of the golden rules between Devil Girls and the basketball players. She is the girl you would want to be, but underneath it all there is so much insecurity  and I can’t wait and hope that during the next three episodes we see more of who she really is. There is also Asha, she is a legacy Devil Girl because her mom was an original Devil Girl. She is Jelena competition and everyone plus Jelena knows that Asha can replace her as captain. She is that fresh faced innocent girl that if isn’t careful, she can be taken advantage of but thank god that she is finally getting her head together and taking charge and not letting anyone step all over her. Adding to the drama of the show there is also some crazy behind the scenes stuff like the business with the Mia girl and why she was seen running away in the first episode, Kyle and who she owes money to and the drama with Pete and Sloane (Asha’s parents). My favorite part of the show is the Derek and Asha relationship. Asha has a boyfriend whom she loves and is completely faithful to but when she joined the Devil Girls, Derek started to pursue her which is causing a lot of drama in her relationship with German who by the way finally grew some balls too and punched out Derek on Mondays episode. Guys you need to watch this show from the first episode. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. If you love drama this is the show for you.


One of my favorites is also back this summer Teen Wolf and I am already screaming and cursing at the TV because of all the chaos these high school kids are causing. This season is a bit of mystery for me because I don’t know what to expect next. They teased all these big teasers during previews and then when you watch the episodes I’m like WTF just happened, how did this happen, I can’t wait for this to happen. This season there is a pack of alphas that are after Scott and also wants Derek to kill his pack to join the Alpha pack, there is Lydia and her terrifying screaming and visions, there is Scott possibly becoming an Alpha without even killing an Alpha and then there is this entire back story with Deucalion his rise to power and also him being hunted by an Argent back in 1977 and biting one of them. The thing that surprised me the most this season was Alison’s dad and how he just stopped hunting werewolves but I do believe that isn’t going to last to long. The most puzzling part of Teen Wolf this season is who is murdering all those people and what are they planning. Stiles thinks it’s some type of sacrifice for a big ritual someone has planned. I am just happy this season will be longer, so I can get my fix and totally understand what is going on. This season is big and if you aren’t watching Teen Wolf please get caught up. You won’t be disappointed.

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