You know I’m just human, human after all

10247464_711022545624797_3112533556265509044_nYou know I’m just human, human after all. This line in Cher Lloyd’s new song “Human” is just the truth. So many times people tend to forget that no matter what a person does or how they live their life we are all simply just humans. We go through the same things, we fight the same battles and we struggle with things internally and emotionally and no matter how strong we are we all have weaknesses that makes us human. Cher Lloyd’s new song Human doesn’t disappoint at all. I absolutely love that she is releasing so many powerful ballads and songs that show off her powerful vocal ability. Sirens was amazing but Human is just at another level. This song is personal and has the ability to reach a person in its own way. I love this new side to Cher Lloyd and even in interviews you can tell that in the past year she has grown into her own and found her own little niché in music. You can download Human on iTunes today and listen to this amazing song below.


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Artist Spotlight:Cassie Steele

tumblr_n3d0zv6hId1qz93cno1_500Today, I woke up to new music from one of my favorite actresses Cassie Steele and let me tell you I am not disappointed at all. If you’re wondering who is Cassie Steele you’re  in luck. Cassie Steele is known for her character Manuela (Manny) Santos on the hit Canadian show Degrassi and The CW’s LA Complex which also originated in Canada. If you grew up watching Degrassi then you know who I am talking about. Cassie was one of my favorites on Degrassi. I knew Cassie could have sing because of music she had put out previously but her new single MAD tops it all. MAD is funky, fresh and totally Cassie’s sound. I love the raw honesty of this song. It’s totally a girls anthem. Cassie do your thing boo. I can’t wait to hear more.


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March Giveaway (Last Day To Enter)


Hey guys, today is the last day to enter to win my personalized beauty box. I am so excited to finally pick a winner and have them receive my beauty box. So far in the last 40hrs we have about 393 people who entered my giveaway!!! I’m so confident that we can get to 400 total entries. I would like to thank all you guys for entering and following all the required guidelines. So on this last day please spread the word and get people to enter my Beauty Box giveaway. The beauty box will be filled with tons of surprises and cool stuff you can use everyday. I’m confident who ever receives my personalized beauty box will love it. Happy Friday guys and have an amazing weekend. Click on the link below or picture to enter  xx❤️

Enter to Win Beauty Box

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Hello October




Wow I can’t believe today’s October 1st, it seems like just yesterday I was embarking on a new journey in my life and now the calendar is telling me that’s it’s already October. Even though I hate the cold weather of New England, I always welcome Fall with open arms and possibilities. This fall is going to be awesome. I am finally going to my first concert to see Tori Kelly (ahhh so excited) and I’m also going to turning 22. I love the fall because for me it symbolizes just a feeling of newness and change. It probably has to do with me  celebrating my birthday every Fall.  I just feel like the Fall is my creative time. It’s a time when I get to experience so many things in a different light and also just have new experiences and also be inspired. I also love to just admire/ love all the new things that come with Fall like Fashion, Music, TV Shows,Food, Movies, People, etc. I am already loving so many new stuff that are popping up this Fall and can’t wait to share it with you guys. Til then I would love for you guys to share with me your hopes and aspirations for this Fall and also some things that you guys are into or newly discovering. Don’t be shy xoxo!

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